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Impact of S. Moss and S. Smith on the draft (1 Viewer)


I saw this poll on nfl.com (results below) and it made made me ask myself just how much Santana's performance helped his little brother's draft status this year. Santana and S. Smith have made it clear that small, fast WR's can be very successful in the NFL.

Coaches and GM's seem to put all of their value in prototypical (6'2" 220lbs.) recievers. It will be interesting to see where Moss and Holmes go and just how much of an impact Moss and Smith had.

Which of these prospects with a late first-round/early second-round grade will be drafted highest?

40%Sinorice Moss

19%Bobby Carpenter

15%Tamba Hali

9%Marcedes Lewis

8%Darnell Bing

5%Ko Simpson

4%Abdul Hodge

Total Votes: 65660


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