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Indianapolis at Jacksonville (1 Viewer)

Colts going to Hilton a bunch with mixed results. Looked like miscommunication on the INT and Luck over threw Hilton on a crossing route.

Nice side-step of the blitzer by Luck to scramble down to the 3.

Earlier rookie Josh Evans had a nice breakup of a pass in teh end zone to Fleener.

they are really overthinking. its almost like they sat down this week and said ok we just ran it all over the 49ers. this week lets pass the ball all game and show that we can do whatever we want.

and maybe they can. as i type horrible gabbert strikes again, how that guy continues to get paid to play football is beyond me

That TD was wiped out, but it just showed how good Luck is.
No kidding. I avoided Luck in all leagues as I thought he was a prime regression candidate, but he's making me look foolish so far.

He threads the needle like no second-year QB I've ever seen.
Luck is incredible. A lot of Skins fans have this insecurity where they must hate Luck, as if that effects RG3 at all. I love Luck. He's so good.

It's ridiculous that some of the starters are still out there. Luck in particular should be wearing a baseball cap right now


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