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Interesting Mock Draft (1 Viewer)


Courtesy of walterfootball. http://walterfootball.com/draft2013.phpSome picks that intrigue me:Pick/Player/Team8 Geno Smith (Buffalo)16 Cordarrelle Patterson (St Louis)26 Keenan Allen (Green Bay)28 Eddie Lacy (Denver)34 Tavon Austin (KC)35 EJ Manuel (Philly)37 Gio Bernard (Cincy)48 Deandre Hopkins (Pittsburgh)59 Markus Wheaton (New England)79 Montee Ball (Pittsburgh)92 Mike Gillislee (Atlanta)94 Da'Rick Rogers (Baltimore)My first reaction is everyone who went against the grain and bought picks would be greatly rewarded if this turns out to be the case. Let's assume this is how the draft plays out. Who's your 1.01-1.05? I'd probably go: Lacy, Bernard, Gillislee, Ball, Allen, Wheaton. What say you?

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I would pretty much dislike the whole Draft if that's how most of the picks went. I don't really like any of those landing spots.

I would be equally dumbfounded and elated if the draft broke like this. If Jarvis Jones falls to #17 for Pittsburgh, that would be the steal of the decade so far.

David DeCastro was ranked as a top 5 player on every scouts ranking last year and still went 24th to the Steelers. Chance Warmack is ranked similarly this year but mock drafters still insist on putting Warmack down as a top 10 pick.


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