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Is a trading deadline really needed in the NFL.... (1 Viewer)


If only 1 trade is made with 8 weeks remaining in the season what are the odds of other trades made further down the road. I guess why they call it the No Fun League. For fans in the major sports the Trade Deadline brings excitement and interest; NBA and NHL have salary caps and they pull some moves off. MLB has a plethora of sellers and buyers and in all sports there is a limited amount of games remaining. NFL by far has the most boring Trade Deadline of all the 4 major sports.

Seriously, just think how interesting FF would get with more player movement. Someone goes from backup to starter or bad team to good team just like that.

Yes, a deadline is necessary. There needs to be a limit to when teams can have a fire sale.

The only people disappointed that nothing happened are people that don't realize that nothing ever happens. It just isn't how this league works. Go watch the NBA or MLB if you want an "exciting trade deadline."

I went in expecting no trades, because there are never any trades. Shocker -- I'm not at all disappointed by this arbitrary marked day on the calendar.

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Compensatory picks make trading interesting players difficult.
:yes: Why trade a player for a pick when you can get a similar pick later?

With 8 or 9 games left, it seems most teams think they can still make the playoffs, so selling off players doesn't make much sense.

Add to this a major difference from baseball, teamwork is absolutely key in the NFL. Some players like DEs might be able to contribute without a lot of practice, but generally players need to understand the playbook and their role in order to do much.


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