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Is he really that good? (1 Viewer)

forbidden doughnut

Messing around tonight I noticed that he's ranked #1 in DBs...I didn't know he was that good? In all honesty...I know very little about him.

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I've followed him because me and my friends always have a very deep IDP league... but why he's ranked #1 is beyond me. He's always been a backup even with the bengals... he always produced pretty good tackle #'s when the starter was hurt though.

I assume he was ranked number one in some iteration of the projections this week, though most of my default systems just put him in the top ten somewhere (highest #2) this morning. Since the rankings and cheatsheets are projections driven, they'll be pretty fluid in some cases. In this case, I don't believe that John has Roman Harper or Scott Fujita projected for anything yet, and that could change Kaesviharn's numbers.

It's always also worth noting that you need to take the entire projection line into account, not just the 1-X ranking. Look at the tiers of fantasy points -- often there's a bunching of players in a very small range. Look at the fractional projections -- consider what an extra fractional pass defensed or one solo tackle difference either way would do to the raw ranking.

had to pick him up for an ailing Sean Jones. I HOPE he's that good. 6-1 last week against Wash. Den this week, should be a better match-up.

Harper looks good to go...

Roman Harper-DB - Saints Sep. 18 - 12:03 am et

Saints SS Roman Harper is expected to play this week.

Harper missed last Sunday's loss while nursing a hum hamstring.

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune


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