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Is it a sure thing that Tenn takes a QB? (1 Viewer)

Assani Fisher

Nearly every single mock I've seen has the Titans taking Leinart if hes available. And the rare ones in which Leinart goes #2(usually because of the Jets trading up), they take Young or Cutler.

Now I definitely think that they'd take Leinart, but I'm not so sure they'd take Young or Cutler. Volek isn't horrible. But I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a ton about the Titans' needs. How do Ferguson and Williams fit in with the Titans? And is there any chance that the Titans don't take a QB?

Not really because they've gone so far as to fly in their own WRs to workout with some of the QBs and just the whole effort they've been thru.

As far as Leinart, sure it's possible they draft another. Some sites admantly think so in fact.

Ferguson and Williams are gems. They fit in on any team really.

They have other needs, but if Leinart is there, I cannot see them passing on him.

If he's taken top 2, I'd think TN looks to take their QB in the 2nd, and grabs Bush or Mario.


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