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Is there a worse tool than strength of schedule?... (1 Viewer)


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Strength of Schedule? Especially this time of year?

Even with small off season adjustments to teams, especially a team's defense, can vary drastically. A lot of this can be dictated by a new scheme or just one simple player having a positive or negative affect on how a team gels and performs as a unit. I saw a stat today about which team play the worst secondary matchups this year. Sure you can tell some stud CB is going to help a secondary to a degree, but it is almost impossible to tell how adding a OLB can greatly affect a secondary by making a QB throw a split second sooner. 

Also you have teams like NE seem to regularly have a bad defense in September but when they adjust to what that year's D does well, their defense is significantly better in November.

Just one of the stats I pay little attention to until a minimum of week 4 and even then I don't think it provides much insight.

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In general, I agree.   I suppose if there's a complete dumpster fire (particularly at defense) that has a date with one of the top RBs in the first week of the playoffs, that can be okay info to know.   At most, I might use it to settle a tie on two RBs in an absolute deadlock.

Of course, the trouble here is that we're assuming the RB stays healthy until week 15, so the first few weeks of the season might be of equal or more importance.   For QBs and WRs, I find it less useful because what looks like a beautiful matchup might just mean running the rock the entire 2nd half with a big lead.

To your point, while I think a glaringly good or bad matchup at a key point in the schedule might be okay info to have, I will be honest when I say that I usually don't get to this level of detail when putting together my re-draft rankings.   It's more likely to be something I look at in trade ideas in week 5 if I'm sitting on a 4-1 record.   At least then you have some sense of where teams are at. 

By the time I’d care for most players, the SoS has changed, often significantly. 

i might give it some thought with team defenses in best ball without waivers. 

I would rather look at point spreads and game totals, at least those are updated on a weekly basis, not just what teams did last year.


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