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J.Trotter (1 Viewer)


Is he a full time player? Is he back to where he was during his first stint with the Eagles?

He's probably in more than in his first stint. He's been in on some 3rd downs - I don't remember him in coverage much the first time around.

I watch every game and he is a down hill player - he current sits at about top 40 LB's in my league with 21 solos, 1 assist and a FF.He has not played his best yet and should IMO increase his tackles and big plays i.e sacks, int, FF

Just read that he has a quad injury. Don't know how serious, but you may want to watch for info later this week.

Trotter is fine- he's an everydown MLB and one of the leaders of the entire Philly D (along with Dawkins)- throw out his ejection in game 1, and the blowout against SF where the opponent had to throw (ineffectively at that) all day and Trott has racked up 19 tackles the last 2 weeks- he's a fantasy borderline stud and will continue to be just that.


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