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Jason Pierre-Paul (1 Viewer)


What's the story with JPP?

Is his lack of production due to the injury he had a few weeks back, or because of the D-line?

Is he worth rostering now, or will it likely be more of the same going forward?

He doesn't look like the same player at all to me. This goes back to mid-season last year (1 sack in last 13 games!!!)

Thought the back surgery this summer would help him here, but either he's still recovering or it's just gone.

He's too special a talent for me to drop, but I've got him in a deep roster league (50 / 5 / 5) and can afford to hold for a while. He's looking like a tough keep in short rosters but, if you've held him this long, keep him. He looks like he's getting stronger, playing more snaps, and heading in the right direction.

1 sack in 15 games is an amazing stat.......I had no idea! If his name was Corey Wooton and had those stats, he wouldn't even be on the radar. With that said, when healthy, he is very good. In a 12 team league, you can't drop him. In a 10, I would consider. In. Dynasty, I would never. He is still getting QB hurries (3-4 a game)......so hopefully this will translate into Sacks soon.

(Rotoworld)Jason Pierre-Paul said his back feels about 90 percent right now.

Analysis: It's a significant upgrade from how JPP felt before the bye, when he managed just one sack and six quarterback hits in eight games. He's feeling far more confident in the stability of his back now. "Come this Sunday," he said, "I'm rushing the passer, stopping the run. I'm gonna be all over that field. They better bring their 'A' game, that's what I can tell you." There's plenty of buy-low appeal here for IDP owners
he has quality matchups these next few weeks, I am riding him to the end of the season and hope production pans out


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