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Krista4's Beatles 1-25 List Thread! Count down will start Mon Feb 14 noon ET. Will take new lists til then... (1 Viewer)


Happy Xmas (War is Over)
I am not a lyrics guy. I always thought it was just a pleasant Xmas song rather than a plea for peace. I suppose there's nothing wrong intermingling the two. It's a fine song, in my estimation. I've always enjoyed the sentiment and the chorale sing-a-long bits.  






Countdown starts tomorrow.

I think Getz is planning to do five a day at first just to clear out the chaff, but then we'll slow the roll for more discussion as we get further along,

I'm going to start around 10am MT, which is noon ET.

If anyone still wants to send in a list by then, I'll take it.


Dr. Octopus

- they added 37% more subscribers as compared to last qtr of '20 ... i'll still say "Get Back" had a great deal to do with that kinda surge. 

ETA: will be interesting to see how much of that 37% they kept after "Get Back"
They also ran a promotion that month where you could subscribe for the month at a cost of $2 - and Marvel's Shang Chi also debuted at the same time.



Oh!  Hi!

On this date in 1967, the Beatles released the double-A side single of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane."   Generally considered the best double-side single in history, it featured a classic, top-tier Beatles song on one side, and "Penny Lane" on the other.

Ohhhhhh, sizzling hot take!  Follow me for more Liverpool tips.
Your dislike for Penny Lane is disappointing.  Hopefully someday you realize your mistake and enjoy one of the Beatles finest songs. 



**grabs a stool at the bar**

i have plenty of "16 Seeds", so to speak - i anticipate being very busy these first coupla/few days. 


i got first round, shots to follow - of course. 



5 a day,?slow your roll.

Yeah, I was worried about that for you in particular, since I know it was an issue in the Beatles solo thread, too.

Getz...let's keep it slower.  We've had too many people saying they're not able to keep up.  I love the feedback and interaction, and for some people who apparently work catching up on 5-6 pages a day isn't possible, especially when there is a Zeppelin thread, food draft, walking with Willie, etc.


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