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Lions @ Cards Week 14 (1 Viewer)

Heavy diet of Blount the first drive for Detroit. Only makes sense, w/o Kerryon & Marvin and Stafford less able than usual.  Worked decently until he fumbled.

Rosen misses a few passes leading to a quick 3-and-out.

Generally shaping up to be a barnburner (I'll get that out of the way early).

Doink! FG woes against Detroit continue!

Though it's probably the Mexico City style field as much as anything.
Yes, the best thing lions do is curse the opposing goalposts. Whoever is in charge of that deserves a raise from Martha Ford.

Something tells me that the film of this game will never make it to Canton Ohio. Instead it will be rolled out to the closest dumpster and then set on fire.

The fun part of that drive was that the TV clock stopped, so it literally felt like time was standing still during it.

5:36 left in the 3rd, Arizona remembers that they have Larry Fitzgerald (also great coverage, but still)

Mt. Man said:
Lions with more injuries in this game than points.
At least 12 Lions players left the game with injuries. Defensive tackle Da’Shawn Hand (knee), defensive end Ezekiel Ansah (shoulder), right tackle Rick Wagner (brain), fullback Nick Bellore (ankle), receiver Bruce Ellington (hamstring), cornerback Marcus Cooper Sr. and special teams ace Charles Washington (hamstring) did not return. 

In addition, Darius Slay (leg), receiver TJ Jones, Tavon Wilson, tight end Luke Willson and defensive tackle Snacks Harrison left the game before returning.

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