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Los Angeles Rams Vs Dallas Cowboys, Divisional Playoff Game (1 Viewer)

The Rams are 12-13 all time vs Dallas in the regular season.

The Rams are 4-3 all time vs the Cowboys in the playoffs, with all 7 games coming between 1973 and 1986, so they met in the playoffs almost every two years for 14 postseasons.

However Dallas is 2-0, with a total score of 65-7, in playoff games at the Rams. - this is only the third playoff game between Dallas and L.A. in L.A. (or Cleveland or St. Louis), and the Rams are 0-2 in those prior games. Both were blowouts for Dallas (37-7 Dal after 1975 season, and 28-0 Dal after the 1978 season).

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I was just in my backyard in a tee shirt cutting up my Christmas tree.  The “real” rain isn’t expected until Tuesday.  Last night and this morning rain was no biggie.  Less then 10% chance of rain tonight.  Shouldn’t be a factor at all. 

Cowboys offsides again.

Gurley looking very good. Cowboys defense a bit confused about who they were going to cover then shift to the right side of the offense where the receivers were while Gurley has a nice run to the left side.

Now Anderson with a big run.

Maybe there is some selection bias on my part, but I feel like Troy never wants any offense to ever do anything even remotely aggressive.  4th down, 2 point conversions etc.  never likes the calls to go for it.

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The Rams blitz but Elliot picks it up and Prescott finds Cooper on the slant route which he takes all the way for the score!


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