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Mangini named Jets coach! (1 Viewer)


now that the Jets have made their first good offseason move, what do they do? I've heard reports that they will do a sign-and-trade with John Abraham and keep TyLaw, because Law and Magini are friends (Mangini coached the NE 2ndary when law played there)Now i tihnk they need DeAngelo Williams...maybe pick him then trade Abraham for D'BrickWall?

As sure as I am a JETS Fan I will predict two things:Bradaway will totally screw the off season up. He is awful.The JETS will be looking for another coach. Soon.I am not thrilled with this hire. And unless he can build on helluva staff, then I don't see why they chose him over Hemerdinger, who would have retained a very good D' coordinator in Henderson. And retained the same O' system, one he learned from Mike Shannahan(word is Mangini is keeping Hemerdinger) but we'll see if it's true.Think Saban and BB will know how to spank this kids butt 4 times a year??

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