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Matt Hasselbeck doubtful.... (1 Viewer)

Johnny Detroit



Matt Hasselbeck



is downgraded to doubtful Sunday vs Green Bay.

****line is moving right now, so assume it is true.

Head coach Mike Holmgren said Friday that Hasselbeck (knee) will probably not play Sunday against the Pakers, the Tacoma News-Tribune reports.

Spin: Holmgren said Hasselbeck is not responding to treatment, and has missed the team's past three practices. Charlie Frye should get the start Sunday with Seneca Wallace also banged-up.

I'm curious as to how negatively this will impact Bobby Engram. Any Seattle homers out there willing to offer some insight? Will Charlie Frye look Engram's way as often as Hasselbeck does? 12 targets last game was nice. In a point per reception league, I now have to decide between Engram, L Moore, M Jones, D Mason and Ocho Cinco. With Hasselbeck playing, I thought Engram was an easy choice. Would love an unspectacular 7 catch, 70 yard game. Now I'm leaning toward benching Engram, although I still don't dislike the match-up against a very banged-up Packers D. Thoughts?

Starting DeSean benching Bobby E. :lmao:
Sounds like a pretty good choice anyway, even in ppr.I don't think Engram's status will be any different no matter who is in there. He's usually a short to intermediate target without a lot of YAC. He finds soft spots in coverage and gets open enough to make a catch. He's the most knowledgeable of the system and a security blanket for the Seattle QB. FYI, according to some post Friday practice reports, Wallace may be in there instead of Frye. At this point I'd say it's 3-1 gonna be Frye but it's not set in stone that he's going to be in there.Also it seems most likely that KoRo will be the other "starting" WR.

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