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Chocolate Thunder
I'm trying to evaluate Matt Hasselbeck from a game play perspective and his fantasy value for next year. As a Seahawks fan I'd like to hear what people thought of his playoff performance and how he has evolved over the past couple of years as a QB. I think he could have easily thrown for 32 TDs if Alexander wasn't a TD whore but I see him getting close in 05/06 to 32 Alexander or not.

NFL-wise I think I'd take Palmer, Manning, and Brady over him.

Fantasy-wise I'd add Bulger, McNabb, and Culpepper if they are healthy.

Year Team G QBRat Comp Att Pct Yds Y/G Y/A TD Int

2003-04 Seattle 16 88.8 313 513 61.0 3841 240.1 7.5 26 15

2004-05 Seattle 14 83.1 279 474 58.9 3382 241.6 7.1 22 15

2005-06 Seattle 16 98.2 294 449 65.5 3459 216.2 7.7 24 9

Fantasy wise I would put him at #5, behind P. Manning, Palmer, Brady, and McNabb. Bulger's risk of injury is too high to put him above Hasselbeck in my opinion.

I'm not so sure about real football because I've never actually run a team. It may be homerism, but I wouldn't trade him for very many qb's. Despite the fact that Shaun is used around the goal line and his receivers have a history of dropping passes, Matt has always been effective moving the Hawks offense.


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He's just like Trent Green. Quietly dependable and never getting the recognition he deserves.

If Shaun Alexander left, he'd win the passing title. Because he's probably staying, I'd grade him out as a mid-round fantasy pick-up as usual.

I don't think Hasselbeck is the best quarterback in the league. He doesn't have the best arm, wheels, or poise. However, he's got just the right combination of attitude and humility. He's becoming a leader. Its taken several years, but he's getting there. I think his best attribute is his mid-range accuracy. Given time he can be a surgeon.

Another thought. Just like lots of Alexander's credit goes to his O-line, the same should be said for Hasselbeck. He's had lots more time than the average quarterback. Lots of times during the season I caught myself saying, "Dude has forever back there".

Looking ahead I see serious potential to put up top 3 QB numbers. My thinking is that Alexander and Hutchinson returning are just about locks. At least I hope so. The big wild card to me is Jurevicius. We'll see. They may be thinking that Hackett is ready for a larger role. He impressed me a lot this year. Looking forward to seeing how they use him in camp next fall.

I think he has great support players. Guys like Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, Shaun Alexander, Darrell Jackson, Bobby Engram and JJ. He works great with those guys and the system works great with Hass's skill set.


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