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Are we going to do them again this year? They were very fun/competitive... Me/Air whooped all your butts in the second league :rant: ... As for the first league.... :thumbup:

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Anyone up for starting a 3rd league. I'd like to get in a survivor type league and I'm sure there are plenty of others that would too.

I belive I finished 4th in Survivor 2 - I certainly want another shot at BassNBrew, Gatorman, et al!

Anyone up for starting a 3rd league. I'd like to get in a survivor type league and I'm sure there are plenty of others that would too.
i too would be interested. :thumbup:
If we do another one I'd be in !! B) Think I only made it about half way in Survivor I, but going through 244 players definitely helps later in the other league drafts I was in...We should wait until after the draft, of course, and maybe later; think it was early August last year. (?)

In if openings, going on vaca for the next 2 weeks to nowhere, draft be in that timeframe?

I didn't think this many people would be interested. If we can't get everyone from leagues one and two back we can fill them with replacements and if we have enough owners start a third league. I'm not sure but I think they were 14 team leagues. We wouldn't draft until August but I'll make a list of eveyone who wants in.

i was mike2670 on the old boards and won survivor league 1...i think there were some other survivor leagues also but i know we drafted in the mock forum and scored um there also...i wonder if anyone has any info saved from last seasons leagues...i do know both were 14 team leagues and i squeaked by barely many a week...anyway...hopefully we can get everyone back but if not it does look like we will have enuff to fill out at least 2 leagues again.

thxs fm...we both won from the 14th position...i liked ur team alot...i had alot of smoke and mirrors to pull my win off...i remember we drafted really early last season and all teams looked ok after the draft...as the months ticked off and the season started we found out alot of our early picks were done and our late picks were golden...kordell and anthony thomas didnt pan out for me but portis and ward did and i got both of them late...anyway...it was really fun...hopefully some of the other teams can show up for this years.

Good Find fm!! I tried a search for the initial post with rules attached but it didn't go back that far (?)

I'd love to compete against the same people but we don't have everyone from the leagues made last year so lets make new ones.. FM69Kleck GKTBueno SandbaggerEBFAir-FryarRushRookShaddowfaxGlumpygobosoxGonadsFletchAbrecherPirateTexWolverinejmalinMinBearsRILEggsJuiceAliasDallasFullback FroSubdudechtlinsLadyBeBopVitruvian ManThats a total of 29 people.. With seven more we can make 3 leagues of 12 teams. Just incase you forgot this is a "survivor" style format. You draft your team and thats it... No trades, FA pick ups/drops etc. Lets vote on scoring, starting line ups and when you guys would like to draft. Personally I like 20/10 for yardage & 6/4 for TD's, start 1/2/2/1/1/1.

I was in Survivor 1 ---(First off the Island-Snoop)I'd love a chance to redeem myselfIt would be fun to get the same guys back again--everyone that was involved will remember the turmoil we ran into. :rant: Either way if someone is arranging it add me to the list

Three more people and we have enough for 3 leagues of 12 teams. Their would have to be a commish for each league and as much as I'd love too I just don't have the time. So we need 3 commishes... anyone have the time?

I still have all the info in FLM saved from last yea, and should be getting FLM again, so I can handle the stats again. And, since FLM allows as many leagues as you want, starting MBSL III, etc is no problem. And since I would be handling the stats, commishing would also be no prob.And here is the rules from last year, 18 rounds of drafting No trading of picks No trading of players No free agent pick ups Serpentine drafting. No submission of rosters. Each week 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK and 1 Def/ST will be maximized for your weekly score.Player Scoring: Passing TDs = 6 pts Rushing/receiving TDs = 6 pts 1 pt per 20 yards passing 1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving1 pt per receptionKicker Scoring: 3 pts per FG 1 pt per EPDefense Scoring: Points Allowed 0 = 5 points 1-6 = 3 points 7-13 = 1 point 14+ = 0 pointsTotal Yards Allowed 0-199 = 5 points 200-249 = 3 points 250-299 = 1 point 300+ = 0 pointsSack = 1 point INT/Fumble Recovery = 2 points Safety = 2 points TD = 6 points Low Score each week for first 13 weeks is booted off. High score gets amnesty for next week. Scores reset each week. Once there are 3 teams left, there will be no more amnesty. For weeks 14-end of the season, 1 team will be lost every two weeks. A prize of message board bragging rights will be given to the winner. If two teams should tie for low score, the tie will be broken by best player not used in calculating the maximum score per squad regardless of position.Defense/ST scoring will be identical the FOOTBALLGUYS scoring. I'm assuming that they are counting kick returns as a form of DEF/ST scoring.Key changes from the FOOTBALLGUYS scoring...* 1 pt per reception at all positions* All TD's including passing are worth 6 points.12 hour time limit between picks. Draft to be conducted on the mock forum board. Anything missing???--------------------

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wooohoooo Twilight!! That was the page I was searching for earlier!If everyone else is amenable you did a bangup job with the stats last year! :rant:

That would be great Twilight. I remember that you did a fantastic job on the stats last year. We would still need two more commishes... Being comish for all 3 leagues would be too much work for twilight. I didn't like the scoring/starting line ups that we used last year. 10/20 for yardage and 6/4 for TD's & 1/2/2/1/1/1 is much better IMO. We will take a vote on it though... Still need 2 more owners.


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