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I see Boulware, stemming from preseason, ranked very high, but his stats this year have been very average at best. I check the latest lineup dominator and see him ranked over a ton of guys who outperform him on a weekly basis. Boulware just doesn't seem to get tackles. Last night, the INT was good, but he had ZERO's across the board besides that interception. What is the reason for his continually high rankings? I know he finished off the year pretty strong last year , but with an upgraded defense around him, he has done nothing in terms of fantasy points.

They don't seem to incorporate matchups and go off of history rather than current play. FBG's defensive rankings are even worse than their offensive rankings.DD is a great tool for drafting. Use that and make your own decisions on who to play. I mean you are the manager. Don't look for advice, make your own decisions. That is the best part of the hobby.

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I don't use the rankings as gospel by any means...I was just wondering what they saw in the guy. I look at rankings etc. as just another opinion to consider.

I think alot of it has to do with Seattle's improved defense, most notable at the LB spot. I agree Boulware has been a bit of a disappointmet, but IMO he still has great dynasty value. He is still learning how to play safety in the NFL, remember he is a converted LB.


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