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Minnesota at Dallas (1 Viewer)

So the lesson to all you young receivers out there is if you ##### and cry and moan and show up your fellow players, they will feed you the ball like crazy the following week.

You know, with all of the talk about concussions in the NFL I was surprised to see 56 people on the Cowboys sideline celebrate Witten's catch by slapping him on the helmet

Typical Cowboys this year.


Awful preparation

Terrible play calling and coaching

It's such a disaster of a franchise right now.

So, is Patterson still smiling on the sideline? I noticed he had a great big grin when he fumbled it out of bounds at the four. Figured if he smiled at that, he must have thought the sack/strip/6 was hilarious

That TD was confirmed? LOL. The ball was at the half-yard line when his knee was down.

Works for me... I'm playing against Peterson. :)

Wow. Nice hit. He put his shoulder into it.

If this is a penalty, this league is ####ed.

ETA - Good.

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