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Minter signs extension-affect on Davis? (1 Viewer)


Minter Inks Extension

With the signing of Minter to a new, 4-year extension how does this affect rookie phenom Thomas Davis?

I was of the opinion from the get-go that he was not going to stay at SS because of his liabilities in coverage. Now with Minter re-signed, does this portend a reshuffling at LB for the Cats?

Witherspoon to SLB, Morgan at MLB and Davis at WLB is something that I have seen discussed. This type of move would drop Witherspoon's value drastically while concurrently driving Davis' through the roof.

What do you guys think?

I personally believe the Minter extension was nothing more than a cap move. The Panthers "freed-up" nearly $6mm in cap. The extra cap will be used in talks with both Morgan and Witherspoon for long-term deals before the '05 season is over.Minter will be gone after the '06 season.


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