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MNF - Brandon Jacobs [Q] - RB, NYG (1 Viewer)


ESPN New York confirms that "the fact that [brandon] Jacobs didn't practice represents a setback."
Jacobs (hamstring) was limited on Thursday and Friday before completely sitting out Saturday's session. It does not appear that absence was planned. It leaves the 31-year-old Jacobs very questionable for Monday's game against the Vikings, and makes it likely he'll be limited even if he suits up. We cringe at the thought of Jacobs running even slower and more plodding than he already did in the fluky breakout performance against the Bears last week. If Jacobs is out, Peyton Hillis and Michael Cox will share the load. Owners should do their best to simply avoid this mess. Hillis hasn't played well since 2010 and although Cox has some exciting talent, the Giants don't appear to trust him in pass protection.

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Source: ESPN New York
I have to decide my flex between Terrance Williams in 10 minutes or Jacobs/Jennings tomorrow. I'm going to go with my options for tomorrow but it looks like I spent a bunch of free agent money this week for nothing.

According to FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo, Brandon Jacobs (hamstring) is doubtful to play in Monday night's game against the Vikings.


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