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My right nipple is considerably more hairy than my left nip (1 Viewer)

Nipple Hair

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St. Louis Bob

It's like a deserted island over there.  All that's missing is a little guy with SOS spelled out in conque shells.

One of the most satisfying things is trimming that crap. Nipple hair is like weeds. Just gotta get em outta there.

Nipple hair?  Aren’t you supposed to pull those things out?  I’ve got equal amounts of chest hair on both sides but no nipple hair.

I came to this realization while boating, no boating hat sadly, and I tell this hot chick in a bikini that was looking at me if she noticed.  She replies "I was just checking you out, now I can't unsee that".  I MAY have just got stoned. I'm not undumb sometimes.


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