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Official Game Thread W2 -San Francisco@New Orleans (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Post all your pre, during and after match comments here.Although we don't want to be heavy handed about it, a lot of comments during the game are created on seperate threads. We will be merging some of them with this one. Obviously events occur during a game that deserve their own thread and we'll use our best judgement to figure that out.Any comments or feedback on how to improve the game threads is welcome and appreciated.This thread will be pinned within half an hour of kickoff and unpinned at the end of the game.

I have been reading the FB Beasley will be playing. Has anyone heard for sure? IT would sure help Barlow.

Now Barlow just limped off the field :XEdited to add: but they just showed him stomping around the sideline and looking ticked off.

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:X I'm nauseous just reading this thread. I have Barlow and Duece in two leagues...on the same roster in one of the leagues.This year is going to suck. :bag:
Deuce - High Ankle Sprain, X-Rays negative, will not return.There goes half of my starting backfield today. And Barlow is my other RB :cry:

40 yrd penalty against SF, first down pass to Stallworth for 2yrds, second down Stecker rushes for no gain

2 Weeks in a row Duece has killed me. Have him in 3 leagues and will probably be 0-2 after today in them. Great!!, Just Great! :(

Sf punts, Doresy is getting KILLED. So much for my last minute addition of Lloyd in to my starting line up.Brooks incomplete

Saints punts, SF returns to NO 49, flag on the Saints, interference on fielding the ball ,declinedDorsey completes one to Lloyd for 7yrds

It's been fun guys. Have a nice season. I lost Mcallister & Stephen Davis. I have to ride it out with Charlie Garner, Julius Jones and Aaron Stecker. Good Stuff!!High Ankle is the worst. I figure he'll be out at least 2 weeks..

Dorsey complete for 40yrds to Conway (pushes off) , Conway taunts 15yrd penalty.
What a dumb ***. From first and goal from the 1, to first and 10 from the 15.TD ANYHOW :thumbup:
Barrlow for 6.You guys who hung on to Barrlow instead of freaking out are good ahva a good dayBarrlow with a counter, TD!!!

hahaa after all that panic and complainin about Barlow last week, he comes back with 95 yards and a TD with most of the 2nd quarter to go. :lol:

Yeah Barlow. I love it baby, 95 and a touch in the first half. :D That TD was an exact replay of Alexander's last week.

FB Beasley playing today. What a difference a FB makes, wonder when McCarthy will figure that out for Deuce :rolleyes: Brooks to Horn, Horn's down!!!! holding his knee :shock:


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