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*OFFICIAL* W12 MNF Game Thread: Steelers @ Colts (1 Viewer)

I'm thinking this will be one of the best games of the year.  :thumbup:
Only if bettis and staley stay on the bench and LET WILLIE SCORE!!!!And if harrison doesn't score a TD....

If the colts win this game, when will the colts consider sittin there big guns?

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I seem to be in a minority that thinks this can be a good game for Edge. Not so much up the middle of course, but in receiving.

see ya!!tell me you didnt see that coming did you see the "MVP so far" thread? Why is Peyton not the undisputed MVP as of now?

Best part of that play:No asinine TD celebration.I love them there 2 guys - and talent is just part of why.

Game over!  That TD won my game for me! 
My opponent only needs about, oh 6 more like that and he wins. :thumbup: Man Faneca blew that assignment on the sack.

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Nice burst by Wayne.Lame play-calling by OC/Manning. wtf w/3 running plays when WRs have been wide open?PS WTF w/Harrison getting flagged? Look like they both got into it a bit much and if anything he at least could say he was blocking. lame...

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