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I didn't see one started so I took the liberty of starting one. In fact, I'm hoping for a lot of help here because I was only able to see the first half. The damn weather was bad here and my satellite connection was spotty at best through the rest of the game. However, what I saw in the first half probably was mirrored through the 2nd half. Anyway: Here's my shot. LSU:OT Andrew Whitworth (Sr) 6-7 310: An impressive blend of size and power that simply did not show itself in the first half. Matched up against a red shirt freshman in #94 Eric Moncur and surprisingly did not dominate- allowed Moncur to blow up at least 3 plays in the backfield and saw him misread at least 1 defensive scheme totally. Was particularly weak during run plays and seemed stagnant when the ball was away from him. Lost his footing twice. Did not serve as a blocking force, merely seemed to me a more or less stationary wall which defenders had to get around. To me, played terribly. But LSU was able to kickstart its running game, leading me to believe he got his act together. Not sure he's a top OT given his performance. WR/KR Skyler Green (Sr): Didn't get much help from his blockers, but showed some wiggle when running. Had a nice return called back by penalties. Made a few nice catches over the middle- showed he can also be a possession reciever. Yet another mid round pick. RB Joseph Addai (Sr): Didnt get a chance to see him showcased. Got popped in the backfield a few times but for the most part, looked like a back made and hindered by his Offensive Line. Showed some quickness but not too much power. Nice hands. May be a nice mid round pick with a team with a good O-line. Really could be something special given the situation. FB Jacob Hester (Soph): Announcers cooed over his ability to catch out of the backfield. Had a nice catch to move the chains but was used sparingly from what I saw. Could not convert on a short yardage situation early but I did see him with a 1yd touchdown. Smallish but has a few years to develop. C Rudy Niswanger (Sr): 6-5 290 Yes hes small. But he shouldnt be the starter anyway. He was a spot start at Center but also has been inserted as playing either side Guard and is a very tough blocker on either side. Hence his value. Can be a nice backup in the NFL due to his versatility and someone that teams with shallow O-line depth. Definately a FA type but certainly can see him playing on Sundays. Big big man- played with him in High School. Miami to come

I TIVOed this one and did not watch any bowls new Year's Eve. Will eport on this one once I am bored within the next week or so.

Grateful for the assist coolnerd :thumbup: Ill try to finish up here as best I can.MiamiOT Eric Winston (Sr) 6-7 310 lbs: You gotta love the combination of size and speed on Winston yet his performance in the Peach Bowl was mixed. To boot, the guy was an absolute monster when run blocking- blowing open holes early and showed ability to get off the initial block and block downfield. Pass protection was also solid for Winston and he was able to hold his man in check- no easy task considering both Wroten and Williams clogged the holes. This being said, he looked SLOW (especially early) and tired and one has to wonder if the surgery has anything to do with it. When his side was overloaded he was a sitting duck but did exceptional in man on man situations. Maybe its just me but this vaunted OT class is starting to dissapoint a bit. Still, Winston is arguably one of the top 2 LT's and has the measurables that D'Brick lacks. Should be taken in first round, with the combine probably elevating his draft status to a mid round pick.Would comment on their offense but rarely got a chance to look at them. Some notables:FB Quatrine Hill (Soph): Talented FB who showed why he's going to be one of the few FB selections in a few years. Blocked well, picked up blitzes and caught passes. Could be special if Miami showcases what he can do on the ground. Ive heard he's the fastest FB in college football. PR/KR/WR Devin Hester (Jr): Now that we know he's declared, its safe to say his stock will be low. Injury complicated a promising season and may have toned down his dynamic return ability. In fact, he didnt look incredibly sharp on returns (from what I saw) and played an obvious second fiddle to Skyler Green. Coverage skills were shaky to begin with so I'm really not sure what to expect. If he can be healthy, he might end up being an immitation of PacMan Jones sans the bad attitude and (hopefully) the penalties. Legitimately doubt his first-day merits and think he will not push for a starting spot this year.


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