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Peyton Manning in round 1? (1 Viewer)

You can bicker all about is he a 1st rounder or not its all about VBD.. Last year in my 14 team keeper league thats 4 years old I had Manning as my QB and he carried me. I had Rudi and Brown as my RB's along with Owens/Walker/Muhammad at WR.. I love the RB's but its not always about them.. If you get Manning in a good value spot take him. Closing your mind to ONLY RB's will hurt VBD. The biggest arguement is the #2,3,4 QB's are not real far from him and you can wait 4-5 rounds later. mean while there is a limited elite RB's and the drop off is much more. But we all know there are injuries and the team you draft isn't always the one you finish.. So remember that..


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