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Pierre Thomas - 2009 and Beyond (1 Viewer)


With Bush on the IR (and possibly due to have offseason surgery depending on the findings) where do you rank Pierre Thomas as a prospect for 2009 and beyond? He certainly has looked the part to me and I think that if there were a draft being held right now he should go no later than the 2nd round, even with Bush staying.

Where do you rank his stock?

I'll be making a decision between Thomas and Rashard Mendenhall the day before the NFL Draft. As it stands right now I'd probably go with Thomas. I think Deuce's career is pretty much over and it appears that Bush is a major injury risk. That leaves Thomas as the top RB on perhaps the highest scoring offense in the league. I like that. :lmao:

I think you have to wait and see what happens this offseason before you talk about Thomas' rank. Thomas' value increases if the team cuts McAllister, decides to use Bush as more of a flex RB/WR/KR, doesn't draft another RB, etc. The next few weeks should be interesting to see how the Saints use Thomas with Bush not around. To me, Thomas' real value has been his potential to be a do-everything kind of RB if Bush was out with an injury.

This from F & L's site: (from a discussion regarding Bush and Thomas)

I think I've made a fairly strong case for Thomas being the better NFL player, but Rotoworld football honcho, Tulane grad, and avid Saints backer Gregg Rosenthal made a better case last week:

For one night, the Saints running back from Chicago outshined the Bears running back from Louisiana. Thursday was Pierre Thomas' night, final score notwithstanding. It was the night the world could see how much better the Saints offense runs with Thomas as the primary back, and Reggie Bush as backup complementary player. The undrafted player is a better pro than the Golden Boy from USC. This seemed to dawn on Bush as he slumped further in his winter coat while nursing his knee injury for most of the second half.

It was hard not to think back to Week 17 of last season, when my man crush for Mr. Thomas began. He racked up over 200 total yards in a depressing loss in Chicago, showing power running and receiving ability. His arsenal was on display again Thursday. He scored twice, making eight TDs in five games. He rushed for 87 yards, and caught seven passes for 59 yards for a cool 33 points in PPR leagues. His game isn't flashy, but it's complete and effective. Much like Matt Forte. You start to wonder how Reggie Bush fits in behind Thomas moving forward, not the other way around. And you start to wonder how Bush will handle it all.

Good discussion and a topic I need to follow as well.

I am so unsure of how this will play out....how do you sacrifice the points that Bush produces in the passing game? Why can't he stay healthy? Why can't he just hit the line and look for a hole?

Too soon to say. With a healthy Bush, I think Thomas is in the RB20-25 range. NO has their wagon hitched to Bush and they would have to admit they made a mistake to change his role or cut his carries.

If they cut McCallister and Bush is not healthy, Pierre is top 7-10.

With a gimpy Bush that plays, his value will really be questionable as you won't be able to predict the number of carries making him difficult to start.


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