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QB carousel keeps turning (1 Viewer)

Miro Z

So, just to recap:

Keenum is going to Washington.

Flacco has gone to Denver.

Foles will apparently sign with Jax.

There is speculation about Josh Rosen getting traded ahead of the Cards taking Murray. Potential destinations include the Giants, Fins and Broncos.

The Fins appear determined to end the Tannehill era. Bridgewater would work as a bridge QB to a draftee.

It looks like the Giants will draft a QB and go with Eli for one final year.

There has also been speculation about Carr's future in Oakland, although they claim he's their guy.

Bortles is presumably on the outs in Jax.

The Eagles need a backup and Fitzmagic has been mentioned.

I wonder if the Bucs are planning a plan B to Winston. Likewise the Titans and Mariota, and the Bengals and Dalton.

Tyrod Taylor is the best remaining FA QB. The rest include McCown, Osweiler and Siemian.

Latest mocks have Murray to Cards, Haskins to Giants, Lock to Broncos, Jones to Raiders, Grier to Patriots, Stidham to Chargers and Finley to Redskins.

My best guess is the Cards, Giants, Broncos, Dolphins and Redskins take a QB in round 1 or 2 (but not the Raiders, Chargers or Patriots).

The Fins will cut Tannehill and Jax will cut Bortles, while Bridgewater will sign with the Fins.

I think Tannehill, Bortles and Tyrod Taylor could end up in Tampa, Tennessee and Cincinnati as potential alternatives to Winston, Mariota and Dalton, while Fitzmagic gets a lot of playing time this year as Wentz's backup.


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