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QB Tommy DeVito, NYG (1 Viewer)

His new nickname is Tommy Cutlets and he's signing with the nickname too

If ever there was a jersey Italian nickname...that's just so fantastic I love it
(FantasyPros) New York Giants QB Tommy DeVito will remain the team's starter under center against the Green Bay Packers in Week 14, according to head coach Brian Daboll. Analysis: The Giants opened backup QB Tyrod Taylor's 21-day practice window on Monday, setting him up to potentially return this season. However, it seems unlikely that he will return in Week 14. DeVito remains the team's starter for now, but Taylor's status should remain monitored in case he does return to the starting role.
Tommy DeVito completed 17-of-21 passes for 158 yards and a touchdown in the Giants’ 24-22, Week 14 win over the Packers, adding 71 yards on 10 carries.

DeVito wasn’t overly impressive through the air but managed to keep the Giants in the game with his legs, leading the team in rushing until running back Saquon Barkley’s 34-yard carry late in the fourth quarter. Either way, DeVito and the Giants kept their fleeting playoff hopes alive with the stunning comeback victory as DeVito led the team down the field with under two minutes remaining on the clock to set up a game-winning Randy Bullock field goal as time expired. Tyrod Taylor saw his 21-day practice window opened this week, meaning he could be ready to play as soon as Week 15 when the team travels to New Orleans to face the Saints. DeVito has given head coach Brian Daboll something to think about, at minimum, after rattling off three consecutive wins as the starting quarterback for the Giants.

- Rotoworld
DeVito looked impressive to me. He used his legs and made a lot of good reads. Lead the team down the field for a game-winning fg.
As someone who lives near a lot of Giants fans and finds them very annoying, I REALLY hope they somehow fall for this Italian Linsanity and try to roll with him for 17 games next year,

Maybe he's not as bad as he looked the first couple of weeks, but this isnt sustainable, IMO
I’ll have a hard choice going forward between starting Tommy cutlets and Joe flaccid in SF playoffs. :oldunsure:
dynastyleaguefootball) Tommy DeVito won his third-straight game when the Giants topped the Packers 24-22 in week 14.
Analysis: The streak ensures we're going to get a continued does of DeVito's agent for at least a few more weeks. In yet another "out of nowhere" story, Tommy "Cutlets" did just enough to secure the victory, throwing for 158 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions. He also added 71 yards rushing. The magic is likely near its end with two games remaining against the Eagles along with a tilt versus the Saints and Rams. Two of his three most recent wins came against struggling teams, the Commanders and Patriots, before winning in week 14 against the Packers who had been on a three-game victory streak of their own. It's a good story and has given Giants faithful something to hang onto in yet another lost season but, in the end, DeVito's success has effectively ended the possibility of what the Giants needed most, a top-two draft selection that the team could have used to address its dire quarterback situation with Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. Tommy DeVito remains unranked on DLF's quarterback rankings.
Those saints players are losers mocking this guys Italian celebration lol but maybe I don’t know how often devito did it?
drop or hold in dyno?
I guess it depends how you feel about Danny Dimes.

but how much value do you think the guy gives even if he becomes the starter halfway through the season or if Danny dimes isnt ready to play week 1 (which is possible)

I suppose it also depends on what other QB you have on your roster. if you are hurting for QB you may want to hang on. he may at least give you a few startable games this year but hes not a long term answer for you.

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