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Ravens at Falcons game thread (1 Viewer)


Are game threads not a thing any more?

Hate this matchup for the Ravens. Too much Ryan, think Falcons take it 27-16. Good opening drive for Falcons here 

Humphrey is this team’s MVP. Totally different approach on D when he’s singling up and taking away opposing WRs. 

Fumble was Lamar’s fault on read option, waiting too long to pull it back for a keeper. Second week in a row he’s done that 

great drive though. Bailed out on clear 3rd down penalty, but otherwise looked great (except for the risky late throw back across middle to Crabtree that worked out)

With 132nd career sack, Suggs now 0.5 behind LT and Leslie O’Neal for #13 on the alltime list. 

So there’s a clear passing lane into a tight window for a first down and Lamar is 2 yards behind the WR. That’s the kind of a throw a legit NFL QB converts. Bad mechanics trying to aim it sidearm 

Ravens did this last week too in the first half, then came out and ran every down in the second half. Hope they do it again. Very impressive D effort, holding ATL under 100 yards 

There is legit nobody better at their job in pro sports than Justin Tucker. Maybe Steph Curry? But it is absurd how good he is


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