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Redraft Strategies - Waiting on a QB (1 Viewer)

So, for the guys who took QBs "early" (3rd round or higher) I'm curious to hear who some of your backs and receivers are, and whether your QB is complimenting your other guys or compensating for them... personally couldn't bring myself to meet the price tag for one of the Manning/Brees/Rodgers holy trinity, but understand the lure of them. I'm 2nd in scoring in my league of record with 7th Round Romo and a solid group everywhere else I'm really happy with, so no complaints here, but will be honest and admit as a Bronco fan, it's especially hard to see Peyton throwing those TDS for some other owner.
Took Brees in the 3rd in the FPC. My backs are Lynch and Gore and wrs are Torrey Smith, Decker, Tavon Austin and Jeffry. Oh and I took Graham in the 2nd.


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