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SP Mock Invitational--5th round? Uh huh....5th round...... (1 Viewer)

With pick 115 the Atlanta Falcons select from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY...



That gives us:

17. OLB Darron Lee OHIO STATE

50. S Vonn Bell OHIO STATE

81. MLB Joshua Perry OHIO STATE

115. OG Vadal Alexander LSU :yucky:

The Falcons draft here is done, I believe.  It was much more fun to draft for a team without so many fanboys.

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massraider said:
Tapper is a sleeper.  One of the guys I ant my Raiders to take.  LOVE that pick.  
He was on my short list. I almost thought about changing it around and not doing CB at 106. I just panicked that Sanchez, who is a great fit with Carolina, wouldn't be there at 121. I like Howard but I wanted to make sure I came away with my top two CBs past the top 5. 

Dr. Octopus said:
With the 118th pick in the draft the NY Jets select Isaac Seumalo, G Oregon State.
Great pick. I was thinking he'd probably go to Denver at 94, but you got great value. 

Even better value, I figured he'd go around 43 to the Titans. 
Sorry its late and I was trying to check the first page and missed Coleman. Thought I remembered that he was drafted but when I didnt see him I figured maybe I was confusing the two mocks.

Where is pick 117? I see Kevin Byard on page 1 and he was on the top of my short list for 121. Did he get picked or did you confuse someone else's list with mine?

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You guys go ahead and make the Cards pick. I'm not going to humiliate myself again.

We really need some DB help...

No worries. I'm online. I'll make a pick for you. I'll look and check your needs. I was just having fun with you while watching he Heat/Hornets. Go Hornets, steal one in Miami!
By the way, Hornets won! Stole one in Miami, going home up 3-2 after starting 0-2. Nice to break that bad losing streak, now let's win the series.

Texans select Caleb Benenoch OT/OG UCLA

athletic guy who could develop into starter with more core strength.

No worries. I'm online. I'll make a pick for you. I'll look and check your needs. I was just having fun with you while watching he Heat/Hornets. Go Hornets, steal one in Miami!
Thanks the first one I realized myself and was trying to edit, but got distracted by my wife #####ing about something and you had already responded to it by then.

My picks always come late at night when Im not as prepared to research it seems.

I see we hit a snag yesterday but unfortunately I'm OUT today until later in the evening.

I shot Soul a message but I don't know if he can make the picks so if this mock continues and gets to the Browns pick, I'm OUT today but Soul 'might' be around.

Biabreakable said:
I learned about him from Justis identifying him as one of the force players from this draft class.

I almost sent you a message to add him to the end of my short list I sent you. I like Collins a little bit better but both players are close. Maybe I took the wrong one not sure.

Collins made the top 100 consensus list while Tapper did not. Just watched highlights on both again. I feel more confident I made the right decision.

As Tapper did not make the top 100 he would meet the definition of a sleeper.
As it turns out Tapper is 102 on the evaluator consensus board so yeah Tapper and Collins are fairly close.

Sorry.  No.  By the Texans.  That's why I quoted his selection.
Oh, I was implying that in this mock he could go to the Steelers in a couple picks.  But yeah, in reality I doubt he'd get past the Texans in the 3rd.  They don't have a QB need per se, but Kelly has the most knowledge of his abilities.  If he went past them in the 3rd then it might scare off other teams, if his own college coach doesn't want him, why?

Darn. Was hoping he'd last to the Packers.
He might have. I sent two short lists to mass for my 106 and 121. I decided to use the CB list for 106 and my second list was:

Kevin Byard - picked

Caleb Benenoch - picked

Charles Tapper - picked

Jerell Adams - my pick

If I had swapped CB and my second position, that probably would have netted me Byard and Sanchez, who I think would have made it to 121. I am OK with it as I liked Adams, but for the next couple years, I think Byard could have had a more immediate impact. I like Adams, but this may be the one mistake I made, although maybe it will work out (hope Panthers get Adams).

Could wind up being amazing value in the 4th.  Some think he's got the most upside of any TE in the draft.
I agree. I liked him more than everyone except Henry, but I wasn't taking Henry in the 1st. I'll take Coleman in the 1st and Adams in the 4th over Henry and say Lawler/Burbidge.

Carolina Panthers wrap-up (picks through 5 done):

Trades: Gave up 3.93 for 4.106 and 4.121, Gave up 2017 3rd round, 4.129 and 5.168 for 3.76. Net of trades was 3.93 moves up to 3.76, 4.129 moves up to 4.106 and 5.168 moves up to 4.121 for 2017 3rd rounder. I love the value I got moving up 87 slots, especially knowing that we should get an extra 3rd rounder next year for Norman.


1.30 - Corey Coleman WR, Baylor

2.62 - Xavien Howard CB, Baylor

3.76 - Jerald Hawkins OT, LSU

4.106 - Zach Sanchez CB - Oklahoma

4.121 - Jerell Adams TE - South Carolina

For the Panthers, I really like this draft. I think it has multiple immediate impacts at CB and WR, which will hopefully buffer the loss of Norman and kick start the offense. Having the #1 scoring offense in 2015 get back two high level pieces in Benjamin and Coleman is pretty scary when D's have to account for the running game/Newton. Jerell Adams is the TE of the future as Olsen is 31 and hopefully, as the season progresses he starts to become another cog in the offense. Ed Dickson has been an OK role player, but he's not a long term or a short term answer. If Adams and Coleman contribute well, the offense will be lights out.

Hawkins is a long term solution. He and 4th rounder Daryl Williams (who the staff really likes) are the guys we groom to take over for Oher and Remmers. I know about the Super Bowl, but the OL was PFF's 2nd ranked OL for the season and in the middle with Turner, Kalil and Norwell, they are solid. If we can develop Hawkins and Williams (maybe Remmers continues to improve) and find a solid young C in the next couple years, this OL could be very good for Newton's career.

On defense, I am not super happy that all I addressed was CB. I think CB is very deep, way deeper than people think, but I would have loved to get a DE/DT out of this draft. That said, with Norman gone and picking up the 5th year option on Lotulelei at $6M in 2017, I believe we now have the money to extend Short after 2016 and Ealy/Star after 2017, which means DT/DE are not huge needs this year and DT not for a long time. I had my sights set on Tapper at DE/Byard at SS at 121, but probably messed up by picking Sanchez at 106 instead of flopping. That said, I really like the 2 CBs I got for the Panthers. Here is a quick write up from Walterfootball on the top 8 CBs and how they fit in Carolina's scheme (Tillman of the Panthers happened to be their example):

Zone Corner:NFL prototype: Charles Tillman, Panthers

  1. Vernon Hargreaves III
  2. Xavien Howard
  3. Kendall Fuller
  4. Artie Burns
  5. Eli Apple
  6. Mackensie Alexander
  7. Zack Sanchez
  8. William Jackson III
Recap: Many teams mix man and zone coverage, so a corner who can excel in both is very valuable. There really isn't a bad zone corner in the group above. Florida played more man coverage in Hargreaves' first two seasons, but did a lot more zone in 2015, which he played very well in. Hargreaves' thickness, quick feet, tackling, and ability to drive on the ball are great fits to handle zone coverage against pro receivers. Fuller, Howard and Burns are very good zone corners. Each has the size to help cover receivers who run into his area. They would fit well into NFL zone schemes. Howard has the explosiveness to close quickly and also is well-built to make tackles, thus he's rated second. Apple and Alexander should be an asset in zone coverage as pros. They are fast and cover a lot of ground. Apple is ahead because he has more size and would work well in a Tampa 2 system. That could be a great fit for him in the NFL. Alexander and Sanchez are good in zone, but undersized and could be limited to only playing nickel. Jackson played more man coverage in college, but his lack of discipline could be very problematic in zone coverage. Free-lancing and gambling in zone leads to coverage busts with receivers who are wide open. Jackson will have to improve his discipline significantly if his team plays a lot of zone coverage. 
Seeing as how 7 of the 8 were gone by pick 64, I am happy to address Norman leaving by getting the #2 and #7 ranked zone corners to hopefully make CB a strength of the D.

I'd give myself a B+ because we picked BPA and addressed needs at CB, OT and TE. WR isn't a need per se, because Ginn/Brown proved to be productive.

I guess I'd suggest Braverman for the slot here, but still can't see the plan letting it get this deep without outside WR.  We arguably still need a starting outside WR and a starting slot WR and its rd4. I'm not saying that to knock the guys putting in the time here as I am trying to give some homer outlook on what went right/wrong here. 

LB and OL are depth or developmental needs. Those picks could've been made later imo

massraider said:
4.07 49ers select Rashad Higgins
Thanks Mass,

I was thrilled to get Higgins here and pair the polished pro with the explosive potential of Braxton Miller.  Add Torry Holt (sic) and the depth chart has some talent...not players, but at least talent.


Higgins was simply one of the most productive players in college football the past two seasons. The school's all-time leader in receptions (239), receiving yards (3,649) and receiving touchdowns (31). He actually had his worst season in 2015 with a new offense and a new quarterback (75-1,062, 8 TD) but was still a first team All-Mountain West selection. His 2014 season was phenomenal, garnering consensus All-American and first team all-conference honors with 96 catches (10th in the FBS) for a nation-leading 1,750 yards and 17 touchdowns. The Biletnikoff Award finalist's 17 touchdowns averaged 35 yards each. The honorable mention all-Texas pick became an immediate starter for the Rams in 2013, leading the team with 68 catches for 837 yards and six touchdowns.


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