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Stat Book Giveaway Part II (1 Viewer)

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David Dodds

Part II of the Contest - Fake Blogger Headline

This one is much easier.

All we need is a Headline. No story, nothing. Just a headline that by itself makes all of us laugh uncontrollably.

Format should be like this:

WR Laveranues Coles (Was) Buys Toe on EBAY

Enter as often as you like.

We are hoping to get 100 or so for an article.

Top 25 will all get a Stats book priority mailed to their house.

1 Grand prize winner will get a book, hat, shirt and Draftboard.

Deadline is Monday, August 23rd at Midnight PT.

Have at it...

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QB Kurt Warner's (NYG) Confidence Shattered, Seeks Councel from Scott Norwood Therapy Center ;) (old school)

QB Jeff Garcia (CLE) Claims He isn't Gay, Just Really Good at Interior Decorating :loco: (sensitive)

QB Eli Manning (NYG) Continues Whining & Earns Spot in Kicker's Union :yes: (war chargers!)

TE Kellen Winslow (CLE) Back-Talks Police; Is Beaten Senseless by Six State Troopers :thumbup: (one can dream, can't they?)

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NFL's Ted Washington Captures Sprint Sweep in Athens, Shatters 100m World Record

Jacksonville QB Doug Johnson Wanted on Animal Cruelty Charges After Throwing Ducks

•4 Arrested in Dallas on drug charges -- Suprisingly, No Cowboys involved.

• Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila slams Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala and Adewale Ogunleye: "What's up with those names? Just Awful!"

Dwayne Rudd hasn't removed helmet in over 11 months.

Edgerrin James set to open chain of national bicycle-repainting shops

Eagles HC Andy Reid stuck by school bus. Reid is fine, 17 students injured

Brian Griese injured while trying to avoid a gnat. Claims BAC of .42 "had nothing to do with it"

Jeremy Shockey and ex-MLB'er John Rocker caught in 'compromising position' in bathroom stall

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Jason Wood admits "McNabb is not that good," and becomes a Bucs fan

Joe and David announce Fucla joins the FBG staff

Shanahan admits to press "I know who my starting RB is this weekend, I just want to screw with fantasy football owners, so I am not saying anything"

and finally

David Dodds closes Football websight after wife threatens divorce --oh wait, that really happened...nevermind

JOHN MADDEN ARRESTEDPortly sportscaster behind injuries to athletes on cover of his video games! ORDoug Flutie named God-parent to Rob Johnson's infant son.
Ray Lewis signs Owen's jersey with sharpie after knocking him out cold.
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QB Gus frerotte (MIN) sends TE Kellen Winslow Jr. (CLE) specialy designed helmet in hopes that it will prolong the soldiers career.


Ricky Williams forgot that he retired, showed up at Dolphins practice yesterday.
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Jimmy Smith And Jamal Lewis To Become New Sponsors For CokeTestaverde Accuses Broad Side Of Barn Of Having Stone HandsMemorabilia Store Offers Discount On Marshall Faulk's Balls -- Half OffChad Pennington Wonders If He'll Ever Grow Facial Hair

Mike Ditka; "I'm UP for Playing Again"Tiger Woods Misses Cut, Asks for Tryout with DolphinsTom Coughlin Insists Giants Incorporate Ballet into Practices, Players Whine

Scott Norwood caught choking again.

Chicken found limp, lifeless and lacerated. PETA pursuit possible.

ProBowl in Hawaii 2005 cancelled due to terror warnings, new home Anchorage, Alaska
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NFL to Unveil First Blind Kicker German kicker, Ivan C. Fein (I.C Fein) to sign with the Jaguars. Fein claims, "if Ray Wersching can do it, so can I."
Bengals Win on Houshmandzadeh Catch on the Triple Word Score

D. Sanders Signs With Ravens;MC Hammer Hastily Added to NFL Kickoff Concert

Onterrio Smith Listed As Questionable Due to Munchies

Will Smith Records Two Sacks; 20 Million Fans Simultaneously Make Same Lame "Jiggy" Joke

Redskins Win Super Bowl; Gibbs, "I'm Going to Leisure World!"

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Horn on horn to cell phone company: intermittent coverage

Najeh Davenport acquitted: Evidence flushed

Grass grows, Preseason standings updated

Vick's Vapor Rub's Teammates Wrong: No more Mexican buffets, Dunn pleads

Hilton Heiress not worried about recent home video theft

Former Backstreet Boyfriend terrefied of release of 'short' film

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