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Super Sleeper At RB (1 Viewer)


I was at the Seattle/NE game last week. When I saw #32 at RB for NE my immediate thought was, who the hell is that? Well of course it turned out to be Lamont Jordan in his first action since week #5.

He only had 4 carries but he didn't look bad with them gaining 18 yards. He looked just as good or better than Sammy Morris

No one can honestly say they know what the hell Belichek will do with his running backs on any given week but it has occurred to me that LaMont Jordan may see an even more significant role this week vs the team he has a big axe to grind against in the Raiders. He will be motivated that is for sure and the Raiders have the 3rd worst run defense in the league.

It honestly wouldn't shock me to see Belichek let Jordan carry the ball 15 times this week. In fact, on a lot of levels it would make sense. Remember week 2? In that game Jordan had 11 carries for 62yards vs the Jets another former team.

Yes this is a stretch. But Lamont Jordan is my SUPER SLEEPER of the week!

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I hope your right I go against Sammy Morris this week. I thought Jordan had a chance to emerge before the injury set back, it's not that far of a stretch.

Ok Yawn if you like. Remember where you heard it first when Jordan goes off this week.
Anyone looks good running against the Seahawks.I was there too, and of the runners in that game that are probably on waivers, I was more impressed with Leonard Weaver. Seriously.All that said; NE faces the Raiders and the Cardinals. I expect some nice games from the NE rushing attack, but good luck trying to predict who's going to be getting the carries.
No one and I mean NO ONE will have the balls to start him,

but things do set up nicely for Jordan against his former team.

Ron_Mexico said:
No one and I mean NO ONE will have the balls to start him,but things do set up nicely for Jordan against his former team.
I'm considering it. I have to choose between Jordan/Bradshaw/D.Jackson/Toomer/Walter for my flex spot :lmao:
chook said:
Good call.
TY TY.A lot of it came in garbage time for sure but in fantasy it all counts.Final tallyL. Jordan 12carries 97yards 1TDThat being said. I probably wouldn't advise starting him again. This was a one week play. End of story.
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