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Survivor Contests - Currently Week 14 (1 Viewer)

Wingnut said:
Whew! I quit watching the Titans Jets game with 3 min left thinking I was getting bounced. No clue how they pulled out a win but I'll take it!

Prob taking Denver @ San Fran next week.
I was on HOU island this past week while 15 of the 23 left took SEA.  4 in ours took TEN and were obviously sweating.

Leaning DEN next week myself as it's the only decent option I have.

Survived with SEA and PHI. Thinking DEN and either DET, NYG, BUF or TEN. Week 14 looks bad

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I'm going with Pittsburgh this week at Oakland.  I don't love it but Pittsburgh needs a win here.  It is a "travel cross country" game but Oakland still stinks.  

My pool went from 22 down to 5 this week, with 11 of us losing with DEN.  My buddy witched to NYG and stayed with them.

A guy in my fantasy league made it to the end of the free FanDuel survivor contest. Out of 390k+ entries 166 made it to the end and split the 250k prize so 1506 each.


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