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With the signing of Roy Williams, who is a home-state kid and a fan favorite from his time at Texas, you would think that T.O. might be winding up for the first microphone that faces him this week in order to bring the spotlight back his way.

With the news of Romo, Felix, Pacman and now Roy Williams coming to town....and the fact that the new "#2 guy" is making as much $$$$$ as you

you might figure that he will be ready to go off on a tirade and pout himself out of positive gameplanning AROUND HIM until the storm blows over.


here is where the media can do.

Tell him how much is going to be like JERRY RICE, the best of all time....

The teacher- one of the best of all time (with one of the best work ethics of all time).

The student - a young BEAST with definite need for improvement in particular work/focus areas.

T.O. thinks highly enough of himself to where if the media plays this up enough....he would buy into it.

T.O loves him some T.O, so i think he would start going OFF thinking about himself as the next J Rice.

You're reaching...big time. I see where you're trying to go with this but the Dallas media is not employed by Jerry Jones.

T.O. isn't a mentor, team leader, or anything other than a supremely talented wideout. Expecting anything more than that can only lead to disappointment.


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