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This article here makes a decent case for Carl Peterson


It also mentions Rich McKay and Roger Goodell.

In "best man for the job" who do you suggest? If not 1 of 3 above?

I'm really enjoying reading about Marv Levy in Buffalo and actually thinking "Why not him?"

I'm a fan or Ernie Accorsi, the man and the GM. He plans to retire again after this year(stayed one more due to Mara's passing) and .....ya know they could do alot worse than him.

He takes the time to email back lots of fans Qs

He's held a few positions within the Giants org and understands+respects the history of the game better than most. Same positions make him football wise of course.

He's smart and very well thought out. For example, the G-men were one of the few teams that had contracts(2 I think) with stipulations about an uncapped year if it were to happen.

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