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TaxGuys: Anyone ever experience an employer not update a W4? (1 Viewer)


Short story....Found out that I needed to have more money deducted to cover Federal taxes. I provided my employer with an updated W4 in February 2023. I received a confirmation email that it was received and one of the payroll clerks was on copy. Found out while doing taxes this year that the updated form was never implemented by my employer. I spoke with the payroll team. They eventually confirmed that it wasn't updated. I was told by one of the managers that they spoke with the clerk in question and she never received the email confirmation with the updated document. She stood by that defense even though I had a copy of the email with the clerk's email address which I verified was correct.

Now I know I should have been checking my paystubs (trust but verify). This company doesn't send out stubs, but you have to log in to some other payroll site to view them and I lost that link many years ago. I had a similar request a couple years previous and the changes were made correctly. I had no reason to believe it would be missed this time around. I've been with this company for 7 years and have had no issues with them in regards to payroll or taxes until now.

Is there any recourse here, other than fill out a new form and submit it - then check on the next few paystubs to ensure it went through? There is a tax code stating any updated form received is to be entered within the next 30 days - which is why I believe they are taking the stance that they never received it (even though I see that they did). I'm guessing no, so I'll deal with it - just thought I'd check to see if I'm the only lucky one here.

Just hate the fact that I owe yet again, when I took the steps to prevent it.
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Never heard of it, but, mistakes happen. No recourse, you end up paying the same amount of tax anyway.
Never heard of it, but, mistakes happen. No recourse, you end up paying the same amount of tax anyway.

And better off that you kept your money throughout the year than lending it to the government interest free provided you don't owe any penalties.

My goal is to always owe money come tax time. I'm not in the business of giving the government loans.

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