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Tennessee at Houston (1 Viewer)

Verner has always been a ball hawk, in fact he gets caught so often doing this...worst guy for the rook to make a mistake around. Huge scoring swing, texans have to roll now

2 straight runs up the gut. Wright drops a screen. Hou gets the ball back on their 12 about 3 minutes left, Hou has 2 TO's left.

McCourty has done pretty well on Andre since the beginning. Probably about 3 catches for 20 since then and that's pretty good against sir andre

Tenn leaving Hopkins one and one and daring Schaub to throw it to him again. Schaub is and Hopkins gets a couple of nice snags finally.

Andre goes up for it on the 3, Pollard throws his shoulder into Andre's head. No flag but Andre can't hold on. Andre slow to get up. Hou challenges if the ball was incomplete.

I wouldn't be surprised if Andre has a concussion from that.

CB Werner very lucky not to get PI. Next play misses a tackle on Martin who gets about 30 some odd yards. Then a quick outside strike to Daniels.

I like Martin, he gives me the prototypical fear a PR should. They ought to get him more involved in the passing game if he's going to play like that.

Schaub threw bad pass to Daniels, then one of the worst ducks in a while(I don't think it was tipped announcers said it was) and Daniels couldn't grab that.

Foster run, looks like time will expire and we're going to OT

Is Tenn coach crazy? he could have called TO with 16 seconds left, instead Houston gets last play of regulation

wow I totally didn't think they'd try but why not I guess. It was just such a bitter taste from earlier. I shouldn't have expected OT without a K

Michael Griffin with a block, as the balls on the ground they throw offsides flags. He was it was just so odd to do it that late

Holy moly, what a weird game.

Bullock gets iced and would have made it. Blocked on the next attempt, but the blocker was offsides!

Munchak ices again and Bullock would have missed it!!!

I don't think this is useful. I would figure Bullock was already super nervous and since he stunk earlier, why do all this where it might give him some comfort

OK he missed, headed to OT. I think (Buckna?) he was 1 for 4 in all those tries amongst the timeouts which means (in a way) 1 for 6 on the day

If Bullock doesn't hit a game winner, they "have to" sign a K to pressure him and consider replacing him. Whether they do or not, they have to show him that threat. This is too much

OK he missed, headed to OT. I think (Buckna?) he was 1 for 4 in all those tries amongst the timeouts which means (in a way) 1 for 6 on the day
Correct if you count the blocked one. Not sure it would be though since the guy who blocked it was offsides.


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