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**Texans at Titans** (-3, 37) 1:00 (1 Viewer)

CJ, Nico, Tank, and Will Anderson all out. Not sure who's going to keep the Texans competitive but I'm glad it's Keenum and not Mills starting.
They play twice in three weeks. I think there's a real possibility the Texans are somewhat OK with a loss today, expecting a W next game.

They're at a typical young team crossroad with so many players hurt and just tired or banged up. Radio had them returning seven to full time starting work by the next matchup. This really is like their B team and in two weeks their A team plays.

The Titans are down 3 of their top 4 DL and super inviting to run upon. They've also got slowish but heady ILBs that are sort of tweeners between starters and backups.

I strongly believe Ryans plans to run run run and take some deep shots. Boringly predictable but he doesn't have much options and it's very safe. Another point is that's what this team still lacks. The (Parcells word) wherewithall to run against a D expecting it and do well anyway. Stroud has too much on his back. This could be a good team building game if they can run well.

Keenum is a minimal risk taker QB and that supports this too. He averages around 200 ypg with a TD and INT in his last three games where he played significantly. Run run, maybe throw to Schultz, run, run...very safe.

Titans pass D has been atrocious and worse since Byard left. Chris Harris and Vrabel pulled a rabbit out of a hat last week against arguably the best WR corps. The Texans could test them but with who at WR?

Hopkins whole career he's been expected to get alot of passes and done well anyway. When Spears slides for a screen, he's somehow doing well anyway. Ryans should definitely have a plan to slow them down and get Levis into uncomfortable situations.

Burks' decoy status and Titans staff not disagreeing has been upsetting. Phillips already declared out. Moore's one catch per game. All they've got left is Chig (Whyle is out) and NWI and...Kelly seems just fine with things as is. It's disturbing to say the least.

Henry has historically had best ever stats against the Texans with 200 yard games but Kelly doesn't ever make it a run early n often game so this isn't likely to be another.

This is the team that fired him and his ego is coming off the high of beating the Fins. I'm quite worried that he'll mess up what should be a rare Titans win.
Ryans is about the worst matchup of defensive minds for Kelly right now. He's practiced against it, got every tape, and even knows Nuk well. There's been talk of Vrabel n Ryans knowing each other but I think Kelly is the huge story.

Levis has been wise, sooo much wiser than expected on draft day. He's not throwing intermediate routes and minimizing risks, but still he doesn't have anywhere near the number of INTs you'd expect from a rookie QB. This could be a trap game for him.

Titans win this one if they don't overthink. Texans blow em out next game
Titans showed a lot of spunk last week.
Texans show a lot of injuries this week.
I like spunk...

Team Formerly Known As The Oilers- 29
Team That Took The Oilers Plalce- 16
If the Titans can’t beat the complete shell of the Texans….

I don’t see how the Texans take this one. It’d have to be a huge game by Schultz and a breakout from X or Metchie to make me believe the Texans pull it off. I would bet this game is over quick with both teams trying to run each other over.
I see Titans winning, but being lazy.. Probably will score late to make it look worst then it should have been.
Jeebus Robert Woods, do you think you might want to block the guy in front of you? Easy first down if you'd done your job.
I thought there was contact at the line before the ball was snapped. But can't rewind, having to watch over the air.
Figures, another bad call goes against the Texans. The ball DID touch the ground and then moved and he recovered it after he was out of bounds. But whatever, not like the Texans will win this one anyways. Just more examples of continued poor officiating this year.
Well if this doesn't prove CJ is MVP level, I don't know what will. Texans are garbage without him.
Texans seemingly get every ticky tack call called against them and never for them. They're going to have to start perpetually winning to earn a little of that benefit of the doubt it appears.
Texans often allow a Titans defender to run right past em like go ahead, we're running. Those Titans, gotta realize it and react. Looks really dopey
Titans six snaps in second Q and Texans just had a long drive. Titans have to run Henry (and actually block) to give the D some rest.

They won't. Kelly will call something cute sooo well it better waste time
Texans' game plan today was essentially "stop Henry, for once, at all costs." Henry has owned the Texans, but they have completely stuffed him today - 9 rushes for 0 yards.
Hopkins talking smack to Ryans is fun but opposing player talking smack to a coach isn't. He's gotta be careful
Levis always underthrows Chig where he has to come back.

Looked like he scooted on his hip. Did it pop out of place?

Whyle is out
Tennessee having Luv Ya Blue gear on the sideline shows a lack of understanding of their own history.
By you
You realize it was a movement by Houston fans to support the Houston team, right? It wasn’t the franchise, but the fans. The irony of them wearing that is the same team left their fans.
There's at least two threads here with links documenting everything.
Just because fans today are whiney doesn't change the past.
Schultz wears the same neck thing that Burks has been wearing since his concussion. It was for stroke sufferers to increase blood flow and then made its way into sports

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