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**Texans at Titans** (-3, 37) 1:00 (1 Viewer)

Allowing a ton of sacks and then they're surprised a QB gets injured...that's always how the bad Titans teams act
Everything's better when their around,
I can't wait 'til Goodell goes out of town,
I fell in love with the ref at the ref show!

With the ref at the ref show...
I don't understand not trying to get another 5-10 yards for Fairbairn. Way too conservative to just run out the clock.
Singletary played very well
Schultz made a few plays
Not sure anyone else deserves mentioning except defenders
HUGE game by the Texans D Line. Seven sacks while playing without Will Anderson Jr.

Horrible officiating. I agree with you @Jayded that the Texans have gotten screwed on a hugely unequal basis this season. Though this game I thought by the end of the game they probably evened out which is the most you can hope for. I mean, apart from hoping for good officiating. How do they require a challenge for the Hopkins incompletion when the ball is lying on the ground at the end of the catch? There should have been a late hit call. I agree with the refs that was just an utterly ticky tack call on the WR offsides, and then they miss the false start? At least they evened their poor job out on that play.

Thank God for having Ka'imi back.
Skoronski said he takes it personally that Tannehill and Levis have been injured this season.
Our tackle playing guard and thus drafted way too early is gonna be such a special player
Robert Woods is the only one telling himself he's still good
The Titans and Texans both ran out of young players to start over him and he's calling it a revenge game win?
Oilers gonna Oiler…..

Serves them right 🤣
Ya know, this worked out much better. Watching them decorate their entire stadium like Houston, don the beautiful but cursed uniforms, and put on that display was strangely satisfying. Being eliminated from playoff contention with that loss was perfect. To hell with the uniform fight. Keep em.

Now the Titans can go back to wearing their hideous rags they belong in. Titan 👇
Houston Texans defeated the Houston Oilers. What a game, what a battle, what a fight for Texans win. I was thinking prior to the game if they could win this looking bad could be the key point in their season / organization. Running the playoff machine even if they had lost still needed win next week vs. Browns but to go on the road with so many key players out easily had every excuse to not win this was another notch in the "this isn't the same old Texans" belt. Would have loved being on the flight back to Houston.

Edit: I've always been convinced the Oilers were cursed and don't want it to return leave the curse on their organization and hopefully they will wear the road Oilers jersey in 2 weeks.

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