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Waiver wire pickups - Heading into Week 8 (1 Viewer)

I ended up making these kinds of moves this week. Picked up Daniel Jones, Wan'Dale Robinson, and Kyren Williams to IR (Allowed the D Jones pickup), and just dumped AJ Dillon for Antonio Gibson (FA), whom someone else dumped when he got demoted. Dillon has been awful. I dropped D Watson and Pacheco to make this happen. Pacheco will be available just in case to give that another whirl.

Not too "brag" but week 8 my one team has so many solid plays that I have to sit one of these 7: Kupp, Hopkins, Godwin, Higgins, Chubb, Pierce, and Swift. It's coming down to Godwin, Higgins, or likely Swift. Wow! Sit Swift, really. Tua, Freiermuth or Knox, Carlson, DAL D round out this team.
I think you have to sit Swift also, no guarantee he’s playing a full game.
I ended up sitting Godwin. With the news of Chase going down Higgins jumped way up. It was Godwin or Swift to sit. With positive news that Swift would likely play, and he is playing now, I ended up sitting Godwin who scored another floor game of 10.5. I was rooting for him. Zero TD's, he's due! I am a lil gun shy starting Swift in hopes he'll be heavily involved and finish the game in one piece and score 20+ points.
Is the Jets D actually for real?
I’m a believer. Defensive oriented head coach and loads of young talent. What’s not to like? Outside of the fact that they still have to face the Bills twice this season. I started the year with the Rams and Saints and dropped them both in favor of the Jets last week.

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