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Watched the Super Bowl in Mexico (1 Viewer)

Dulymus Mudhounds

Was in Playa and yes, the weather turned out great. Anyhow, the night club in the resort - La Discoteca - had a projector and big screen. The game was carried by ESPN, not ABC so I guess the NFL bids out the game to the highest bidder outside the US. Coverage stunk for the first 2 quarters as it was in espanol. Someone finally figured out the SAP button and it was in english the second half. That got the biggest cheer all night. Whenever a flag was thrown, the word "castiga" was on the screen in yellow. We yelled Castiga the rest of the night whenever a flag was tossed.

Also, the commercials were all different. We didn't see one of the commercials that was televised in the US.

Mud out


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