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Week 1, 09/08/22 Thursday Night Football: Let's Get This Party Started! Buffalo at LA Rams (+2.5) (52) (1 Viewer)


Akers absence on a night when the Rams were hard pressed to establish the run seems like a terrible foreshadowing for the rest of the season.

-Rams would seem prime for a trade...
Mattison and Hunt have to be on the top of their list.
I think Akers is cooked for this year. Hunt would be perfect with this system and would make sense for both teams. I think Ford would fill right in for Hunt.


There are no teams in the NFC that is as good as the Buffalo Bills.

There may, however, be a few teams in the AFC that are as good as the Buffalo Bills.
They were the best team last year but it doesn’t matter in a one-off. Like the 7th best team won the whole thing. Lot of fortune involved.

Steve Tasker

The best cornerback I'm the league sure does give up a lot of catches and yards...and touchdowns.
Allen picked on him all day when they played the Rams two years ago too. I'm pretty sure he holds a grudge from the interview when Ramsey called him "trash" during his rookie season.


Gonna put this one in my back pocket and metaphorically log off. Going up against DIggs, Allen, Davis, etc.

Have Cam Akers on one dynasty squad.

Have Jordan Fuller starting (who isn't even starting, apparently).

Bum night.
The Allen teams in most leagues will be good. At least you won't face that team soon.


If somebody can explain how Henderson has looked worlds better than Akers, I'm all ears.
I was wondering that myself. I didn’t draft him because I was worried about his Usage. I thought it might be more of a timeshare but it looks like Henderson is clearly getting more work so I’m wondering if he’s injured

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