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Week 1 Injury Update Thread (1 Viewer)

Olsen came back to the sideline with a boot on his right foot and a crutch. That was the foot on which Olsen suffered a Jones fracture last season, sidelining him for nine weeks, including an eight-week stint on injured reserve.
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Sucks when your fantasy season is over before week one is because of injury. Now I know how DJ owners felt last year.

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Rodgers’ facial expressions weren’t good. 
That's what I thought.  I wasn't sure if i was just making too much of it but he looked like a guy that just got some very bad news to me.

Roger's could be the next Romo of injury bug. Sucks as a Packer fan.  Big $$ Packers just paid up.

Watching the game and Packers once again snooze on defense year after year.

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I am not a Dr but the injury to Rodgers didn't look season ending to me - sure he was hurting but he limped off on own power, didn't look devastating ........... but  that's just my take

The Titans probably lost Delanie for the season due to a gruesome leg injury.

Mariota hurt his "shoulder elbow" :-) as per Vrabel

Quinton Spain and Wesley Woodyard were poked in the eye(s) and had to leave

Neither Morgan nor Matthews looked like themselves and as many predicted they were clearly rushed back. 

It is widely presumed that Rashaan is playing next week and after the Fins gashed the Titans for nearly 9 ypc up the middle in the first half, he will be such a welcome sight

Adoree hurt "his side" but played after


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