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Week 1 waiver thread (1 Viewer)

RB - Nyhiem Hines had 9 targets ended with 7 catches 

Phil Lindsay had as many carries as Royce Freeman, with Booker playing clear 3rd fiddle

WR - dorsett, Ryan Grant, Brandon Marshall, Chris Godwin.

Saw he had even split of carries.....what’s his background? Any talent here to challenge for lead role?
Lots of talent, his only knock is his size. I drafted him in a number of myffpc leagues and really wanted him in my main redraft league but left him exposed as the rest of my teams was pretty solid. He is clearly going to be the 3rd down back plus some in Denver but Freeman is going to get most of the early down work. 

His mom drafted him in her league with her book club members. 

I watched him get picked in several leagues and I thought it was a reach. Some people take a flier and sometimes it actually pans out.

Keep the thread clean.


ESPN league ownership:

DeSean Jackson: 41.8%
Ted Ginn: 19.6%
Geronimo Allison: 9.1%
Phillip Dorsett: 4.6%
Phillip Lindsay: 1.9%
George Kittle: 37.1%
Eric Ebron: 16.3%
Will Dissly: 0.1%
of that list i like allison, dorsett, kittle... may throw a zero bid on ebron too

how about ekeler? only owned in 11% of espn leagues

Greg Olsen owner here. I am targeting:

1. George Kittle (looks like Garappolo might be regressing, which means lots of checkdowns to his safety net)
2. Ian Thomas (Panthers are high on him...why not give him a shot?)
3. Jonnu Smith (Walker's replacement. I don't see them making a wholesale change to the offense, so Smith should get a healthy number of looks)

The Panthers also have Chris Manhertz at TE, who had been projected to be their #2 before breaking his foot and getting placed on the PUP list earlier this year. But he's back now so I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up overtaking Thomas.

Phillip Lindsay had a carry or target on 69.2% (18/26) of his snaps Week 1, the highest rate for all backs with 15 or more Week 1 snaps. 
Is that a good thing or a bad thing for his ROS outlook? Might suggest they don't want him pass-blocking anytime soon. 


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