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Week 17 They’re Sitting My Guy Or Altering His Role Commiseration Thread (1 Viewer)

I’ve got Davante. Rode him to a title match, now Stidham starts. Have Zeke, too, and even though it makes no sense, his role is questionable even though it shouldn’t be. Also have Sutton, whose team just fired his coach.

What do you have?

Good idea for a thread.
This time of year usually has a handful of these guys in crucial matchups.

I actually have Davante Adams in one START 3 WRs league.....and I'm playing for 3rd place money. ***look below post..... I really don't see any way I can bench him in that start 3 format. But I don't like it.

More of a concern, is I have JUSTIN HERBERT there too. :shock: Now he has been outright dreadful the last 2 weeks, and now I believe they are in the playoffs, with little to play for. (Not sure on this one, but regardless its vs. the Rams who are mailing it in now.......could be an Ekeler/Joshua Kelley-fest)

If the Chargers have something substantial to play for then I will feel better about it.
If I opt not to start Herbert, I snagged MAC JONES off the wire just in case. The Pats are playing Miami in what could be a great matchup.

*** - The team I'm rolling out for 3rd place money, had Diggs, Adams and Diontae Johnson combine for 16 pts there, aided by 5.5 by Herbert and a Gerald Everett ZERO last week. One of the worst totals I have ever seen across the board in our leagues. That said, Adams has been good most of the season, so no complaints other than last week.

Start Hebert. He was pretty insistent in his post game interview that they need to get the offense clicking for the playoffs and things aren't right. Don't read the garbage FF articles/ shoddy journalism and listen to what the key players are telling you.
Because players have never lied before lol.
He wasn't lying.
I’m in a winnable championship game, but lose Henry this week and Tua. Have Bridgewater to fill in for Tua at least. It’s superflex and earlier lost Jimmy G and Tannehill. Figured I could plug in Minshew one more week but now Hurts is looking like he might make it back this week. Killer is my opponent also has Hurts. Should I be desperate enough to start Dobbs tonight or Stidham? My RBs suck without Henry and don’t have a third option, so for the superflex I’m down to one of those QBs or play both Aiyuk and JuJu.
Minshew is in.. you are in luck!
Wish he didn’t, I would have started Stidham instead. I’m basically tied going into tonight, needing Singletary to outscore Tee Higgins. Not likely to happen.

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