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Week 5 Questions For Bloom (1 Viewer)

10-team PPR, I have Reed and Brady. Better end of bench stash:  Winston, Olsen, Engram, Doyle, Brate, RoJo, Taywan or Foreman. 

Also, do I drop Gio with his MCL sprain for any of those other guys?

Thanks Sig

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Pick 1 RB & 1 Flex between Kerryon, Collins & C.Davis in PPR.

thanks Sig

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Coleman or Fuller


Stafford vs GB or A Smith @ NO (3 pass TD and no penalty for ints)

.5 PPR:

Crabtree / Lockett / Henry / M Williams


Crazy for me to sit Jax D @ KC for 49ers D vs Ari?

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No PPR. 1/10 YDs, 6/TD

Lynch @ LAC + Rudolph @ PHI


John Brown @ CLE + S.Shepard @ CAR or D.Westbrook @ KC (pick two)


As always, Thank You for doing this, it's always appreciated. 

Scenerio 1: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing TD's = 4pts, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)

My roster (Starters in Bold):

  • QB: Watson
  • RB: Gurley, Kamara, Collins, Penny, Chubb, J. Allen
  • WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, Crabtree, Watkins, Callaway
  • TE: Goeddert, Engram
  • K: Boswell
  • DST: MIN
Question 1: Pick up T. Taylor? If so, who to drop:

  • Callaway
  • Crabtree
  • other
Question 2: WDIS at TE?

  • Goeddert vs. MIN
  • Drop Goddert and pick up:

    ASJ @ KC 
  • R. Ellison @ CAR
  • Vannett vs. LAR
  • Gates vs. OAK

Question 3: WDIS @ WR2 (should have rolled with Gordon... :wall: )?

  • Watkins vs. JAX
  • Crabtree @ CLE
  • Callaway vs. BAL
  • T. Taylor (if you answer "yes" to question 1)

Again, thanks for your help

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Hey Sig!

1) In a standard league, do I roll with Sanders or Corey Davis at WR? Then, do I take the guy left out and start one of them over Aaron Jones? I see you have Jones high in your rankings so I'm guessing stay with Jones.

2) In a PPR league, do I roll with Ingram or Freeman at RB? At my flex, do I roll with John Brown or Coutee? 


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Standard league


Ryan @ Pitt (My opponent is starting both Julio and Ridley)

Goff @ Sea

Need 1 WR:

Funchess vs NYG

Cole @ KC

Shepard @ Car (Already starting OBJ)

AC Question

Not sure how much you value handcuffs but I have Hunt and I feel like I need to pickup Ware since he’s a 3 down back.  Do I drop Cole, Lockett or Shepard (I have OBJ and Engram will be back) or hold?

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Hey Sig--thanks in advance--have 2 questions for you:

in a standard scoring league--need 1

Ajayi or Adrian Peterson 

In a PPR league--which qb do you start.  Also--my opponent this week does have Michael Thomas--so maybe that factors in the decision?

Matt Ryan or Drew Brees. 

NYJ, CIN, ARI or SF D this week?

Better speculative add in PPR for bench (more long term value)?

M. Walton, W. Smallwood, D. Foreman, M. Brown, S. Ware, T. Gabriel, T. Taylor, C. Brate?

QB - Mahomes

RB - Howard, Michel, D. Lewis, R. Jones, Gio

WR - Brown, Diggs, Golladay, Gordon, M. Williams

TE - Kittle

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1 pt PPR 

qb: dalton 

rb: White and Gurley

wr: Tyreke and cooks

te: rsj 

Who do start at flex: Michel,Mixon, amari cooper, or mike Williams? I left Michel on the bench last night . Im probably going with Mixon if he’s a go. 

Who to pick up? ppr

Cohen , Aaron Jones, Royce Freeman - please rank in order.

Really need them for Week 8 and possibly as potential future trade bait.

Cohen vs Jets (w8)

Jones @ Rams

Freeman @ KC


WR start 1: Ridley at Pit, C.Davis at Buf, Will Fuller (inj) vs Dal  

Flex start 2 - C.Davis at Buf, Kerryon vs GB, Henry at Buf, Will Fuller (inj) vs Dal, Ridley at Pitt

Thank You!

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who to start at QB?  Mahomes vs JAX or Brees vs WAS

Brees cost me a game last week and I'm a little concerned that last week they trotted out Taysom Hill a few times down in the red zone

Also need to start 3 of these in PPR:

Emmanuel Sanders

Tyler Boyd

Amari Cooper

Marvin Jones

Need two Flexes and one SuperFlex


Russell Wilson vs Rams

Kenny Golladay vs GB
Chris Thompson @NO
John Brown @CLE
Tyler Boyd vs MIA

Who would you drop question. PPR league.

I was lucky to nab A. Jeffery in waivers and now I need to drop one of the following WRs for a kicker:

* N. Agholor: With Jeffery, I now have two PHI WRs. May actually be a good thing (or not) if the offense gets rolling with Wentz.

* T. Lockett: Baldwin back. SEA offense really clunky right now.

* K. Cole: Could pay dividends and emerge from the trio of Cole/Dede/Moncrief...or not.

Here is my WR depth:

* A. Jeffery, J. Brown, J. Gordon, plus the above three.

Which do you drop?


Ppr: this week golladay or ridley

Ppr rest of season: Carson or chubb

Ppr rest of season: keke or enuawa 

PPR league. Need to choose between these two RBs for flex spot.

* A. Collins @CLE - J. Allen's involvement is disturbing along with fumbles. He'll still get touches and CLE rush D not so good.


* A. Jones @DET -- Still "splitting" with J. Williams but it's clear Jones is the better back. The matchup is right against a lousy DET run D and if McCarthy has a brain in his head he tilts the touches Jones way. And, GB WRs are banged up.

Which RB?


Defense question. Standard scoring.

* CAR vs NYG -- Extra week to prepare. Front 7 could be tough on Eli. Plus, CAR could milk the clock with the run game.

* CiNCI vs MIA -- Just feel Miami trainwreck here.

* SF D vs AZ -- This game could be a mess in general. Low scorer. Although  it doesn't feel right to go with this  D. That said, experts ranking this D highly this week



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Need a flex in a PPR league:

* R. Freeman @NYJ -- Splitting with Lindsay but now coach says "we need to give Royce more carries." DEN travelling east for a 1pm game. NYJ tougher against the run.

* D. Baldwin vs LAR -- Seems healthy. Will play in the slot, but LAR better inside vs. on the perimeter. Will have to throw to keep up with LAR offense.

* C. Carson vs LAR -- P. Carroll confirmed today that Carson will be back for the game this Sunday. Who knows if he'll split with M. Davis.



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QB Question.

* M. Stafford vs GB -- Stafford has riddled the GB secondary several times. Forget the stats for recent games, but very very good. Game at home. 


* A. Dalton vs MIA -- Dalton is hot. However, Miami secondary not too bad and X will be on AJ. Now reported that J. Ross is out as is Gio. Eifert obviously gone. Mixon will be back. More run oriented attack this week?



Thanks Sig,

                      FPC scoring:

                                           Need 4 of the following:

                                                                                 D.Freeman @ Pitt

                                                                                 D.Lewis @ Buff

                                                                                 J.Allen @ Cleve

                                                                                 D.Funchess vs NYG

                                                                                 K.Cole @ KC

                                                                                 J.Crowder @ NO

                                                                                 Ty Williams vs Oak

                                                                                  T.Taylor @ Buff

                                         And 2 of the following:

                                                                               C.Davis @ Buff

                                                                               D.Thomas @ NYJ

                                                                               M.Williams vs Oak

                                                                               D.Freeman @ Pitt

                                         And 1 of the following:

                                                                              L.Miller vs Dall

                                                                               S.Shepard @ Car

                                                                               K.Cole @ KC

                                                                               T.Taylor @ Buff

                                        And 2 of the following:

                                                                               D.Freeman @ Pitt

                                                                              J.Richard @ LAC

                                                                               T.Ginn vs Wash

                                                                               Ty Williams vs Oak

                                                                               J.Crowder @ NO

Who to start this week .. 1 point for every 10 yards total after 150 

tds passing are 7 and running 10 

Wentz vs Minn

Manhomes vs the Jags 

Hey Sig,

1. Pick 1 for Flex, 0.5 PPR: Doug Baldwin or John Brown?

2. Pick 2 WR's & 1 Flex, 0.5 PPR: Corey Davis, Kenny Golladay, Cooper Kupp, Royce Freeman & Kerryon Johnson

Thanks! GL this weekend!

q1: 0.5ppr, pick one (im already starting AB and Golladay at WR if that matters)

mjj v. GB,

lockett v. LAR

funchess v. NYG

q2: ap or breida in 0.5ppr

q3: flex question: whoever not picked above in Q2 or stills in 0.5ppr

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My RB are M.Gordon, Lynch, and Ingram. Im looking to upgrade at WR (Gordon, Golladay, Keke, T.Taylor, T.Lockett)

Do I deal Lynch or Ingram to upgrade my WR? If so whats a comparable WR return? Ive been offered Corey Davis so far...


Hi Sig,

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada!!

12 team .5ppr, bonus for longer td's

Stuck trying to determine RB 2 and Flex

For RB 2:

Hunt vs Jax (I am also forced to start Jax def so leaning away from Hunt - overthinking??)

A. Jones vs Det

For Flex:

WR Funchess

WR Golliday

RB Hunt or RB A. Jones (whoever I don't start for RB2)

Thanks alot!! Good luck this weekend

1. How would you rank Njoku, Burton, OJ Howard, Engram for rest of season?

2. Stafford or Dalton rest of season? Liking Dalton’s schedule the next 4 weeks

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Dr. Bloom,

Please rank the below flex options (standard):

Freeman @ PIT

Boyd vs. MIA

Collins @ CLE

C. Davis @ BUF

Coleman @ PIT

Coutee vs. DAL

Enunwa vs. DEN

ROS, who do you prefer?  J. Howard or Falcons duo (Freeman/Coleman)?

Thanks in advance.

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What up Bloom?

Need some help with injuries hitting my teams.


Need 1 between:

 A. Cooper @ LAC   I know the past 3 games he hasn't done anything vs Chargers top corner but is he the same this year

 J. Brown @ Cleveland    have him in now but wet weather could be in Cleveland   

 Lockett vs LAR     Rams banged up and Seattle should need to pass the whole game

Need 1 between  Mahomes  and  Mariota Only if its a slop fest in KC would I bench Mahomes right?


Need 1 - Ingram vs Wash  first game back so does he get maybe 15 touches?

              Henry @ Buf.   game script should work in his favor this week but it's Henry 

Need 1 -  T. Taylor vs Buf.  is he the slot WR?  That's where you attack Buf. right?

                Lockett vs LAR  game script should be there for a lot of passes.  Garbage time pts?  Rams pass D banged up.

Thanks Bloom!

Mr. Bloom,

I have a good dilemma this week.  1PPR.   I'm currently starting:

RB: Conner vs ATL

RB: McCaffrey vs NYG

Flex:  DJ at SF

Dilemma is Mixon is on my bench begging me to start him.  Should Mixon be starting over any of the above?

Bonus: If you had to make a choice, who would your rather have drinks with?   Ashley Graham or Iskra Lawrence. 

Thank you sir!

Need to start 2 WRs and 1 Flex for Week 5:

Ingram, Tate, Fuller, Coutee, Amari Cooper

(leaning Tate, Cooper and then deciding late Sunday on Coutee/Fuller or Ingram on Monday)

Standard scoring 1ppr. Thanks!

I swear, my team is really good other than my RB2 predicament, but I need one of the following:

Chubb vs Baltimore, Mike Davis vs LAR, Corey Grant at KCC, Wendell Smallwood vs MIN, someone else I might not be thinking of.


4-0. PPR-

pick a side in these trades—

-Lynch or Michel?

-Hyde or DCook?

Or try to trade Hyde or Breida for a different RB that can help for the playoffs?

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In standard, need 1 from the following:

AP, Hyde, Conner

Could alternatively bench T.Hill and start two of the above, given the matchup against JAX, would you do that or stick with Hill? If you would, which two?

Also my weekly Kittle vs Graham debate - Graham surely has a path to increased opportunity this week with the injuries? But Kittle has been good evey week but one.


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Thanks for doing this Bloom. 2 questions for you:

1. Which 3 of these dudes would you roll with in a PPR league?
Corey Davis, Davante Adams, Tyreek, Tyler Boyd, Keke

2. Is Marshawn worth what should be a late 2019 1st rounder (PPR dynasty)?  I'm most thin at RB.  I was hoping to get him with a 2nds or two, but I'm not sure that would get it done.

All the best!

Hey Bloom,

1. What’s your outlook for Olsen ROS? Worth an add or prefer Hurst instead. Currently have Burton. 

2. 1/2PPR one WR and one Flex: Cooper, Sanders, Breida, Lewis

Thank you. 

Must win. I’m 1-3 in a 12 team 0.5 ppr. 

Had Sony Thursday night an opponent had Edelman and gronk, so we are about even on points but I’m a player up. 

Choose two of these for my two flex spots. 

Aaron Jones

Mark Ingram

John Brown


Doug Baldwin


im starting Big Ben at QB and have DJ, Hopkins and OBJ in remaining slots with Jordan Reed at TE. 



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