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Where's Your Favorite Place to Watch the NFL? (1 Viewer)

Throughout the year (most games), what would be your preferred way to watch?

  • Live at the game

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  • At a sports bar

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  • In front of the TV

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  • On the computer (ONLY, not with the TV)

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  • Other (please explain)

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Jeff Pasquino

Two questions here, similarly related.

For ONE GAME, a big game, a rivalry, an event, or whatever reason you have to circle it on your calendar, where do you want to watch a big NFL game?

Similarly, throughout the season, what's your preference? If you do >1 of these (and I'm sure many do) pick your favorite and discuss what else you do.

Please discuss your choice(s) and the pro/cons of each, and what makes you lean in one direction vs. another.

I'll chime in a bit later.


I love going to the games - and, after 13 years of waiting, got my season tickets to the Jets this year. For one big game, I love going there, but I have some different thoughts surrounding the season. I was so amped up this year for going to every game, and I generally still am for the most part, but something has changed. One, it's a lot of freaking money, $75 per seat, per game for a total cost of $3k. Add to that the cost of tailgating, parking, etc. and it's really costly. Two, I like being comfortable - the seats at the Meadowlands freaking suck. Three, I love watching ALL the games - and having season tickets makes little sense for purchasing the Season Ticket. I am really debating whether or not I will continue to buy these tickets next year and beyond. Maybe I will change my mind if the Jets get a home playoff game, but even then it's serious cash, over a $100 per seat. It's just so expensive, and I have enough crap to pay for as is. Also, the commitment of going to the game for 8 weeks is something I have yet to fully get into. I can't imagine how my two friends have gone to 122 and 96 games each...consecutively (something is clearly amiss there). If the Jets do really well, I may just wind up selling the season's worth of tickets and keeping the rights to the playoffs, we'll see. Anyway, that's where I stand on this issue.

I love going to a live game, but it isn't something I yearn to do more than once per season. It does get pricey, even if it's just once or twice. I accept the price of time and travel to go see the Crimson Tide once a year...it's how I mark the time from year to year. :goodposting:

But here with the Pats just a 20 minute drive from the house, I've never gone out of my way to see more than one game per season, if any.

Lets face it, football (like boxing) was made for TV. Translates much better on the telly than from your seat in the stadium. Not to mention, my home is climate controlled, I have a fridge filled with beer, and the bathroom is a short walk and a DVR pause away. What's better than that? :ph34r:

For one big game it would be out with friends at a sports bar. :confused:

For most of the season I prefer my Sunday Ticket in HD on my 62" with my refrigerator fully stocked with beer.

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Nothing compares to being at an NFL game. :thumbup:
100% correct. Understand that people like the convenience and comaparative cost at being at home for the game, but even with the best HDTV, you simply cannot appreciate how fast the game is, how fast the game moves, how incredibly athletic and acrobatic players need to be -- even the 300+ linemen -- and how truly magnificent the total experience is, from tailgating to the postgame, without being there live.For one big game, prefer to be AT the game.

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