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Which vacation lodging option? (1 Viewer)

Where should we stay?

  • Cabins on a state park/lake just outside of the suburbs - 700 dollars

    Votes: 7 30.4%
  • Great Wolf Lodge - 1500 dollars

    Votes: 11 47.8%
  • Nice hotel with indoor swimming pool - 700-1000 dollars

    Votes: 5 21.7%

  • Total voters


We are going to Dallas, Texas for Thanksgiving. I know what you are thinking already, I am spoiling the family and you would not be wrong. There is probably not a better vacation destination in the US than a large metro area in north Texas. This puts me in father/husband of the year territory.

We have two activities planned so far, a Polar Express type train ride and we are also going to some Harry potter type tourist trap.

The lack of other planned activities is what is making me consider great wolf lodge, since we are essentially visiting a metro area how much is there really to do. I have already been to multiple meowwolf's, and i do like museums but I do not imagine Dallas to have any better museums than what we have in Houston.

The outdoor temperatures can be estimated at highs in mid 60's lows in mid 40's. For me this is doable, however the wife/kids are warm weather people. If the weather cooperated I think staying at a state park on the lake would provide outdoor entertainment that would at least match great wolf lodge. However the worry is we get there during a cold/rainy spell and are stuck without much to do.

Lets see how the FBG votes on this.
I would love the cabins on the lake.

But for the sake of this pole the Great Wolf Lodge makes some sense. My only hesitation is it would be PACKED for Thanksgiving weekend and being around all those crazy people boozing it up while their kids run wild would drive me batty.
Children's ages would probably help, but I voted cabin anyway.
You have already planned multiple full or half day activities centered around the children and probably will fill in those days with other family oriented activities. For nights/mornings I'd prefer to relax, spend quiet time. Furthermore, the last place I'd like to spend more than a half day ever would be an indoor water park. Covid is still pretty rampant.
Last variable is meals. I like having quiet breakfasts and or the occasional lunch and dinner at home with the family and not have to go out for every single meal. Yeah, vacation and all, but I'm fairly frugal and if I can save 400-500 bucks by not having to eat 3-4 meals at marginal chain restaurants, I'll do so. For me it would be Cabin>>Hotel with indoor pool>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Indoor covid park
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What state park, what cabins?

Technically the park is owned by the township and not the state i guess.
I would book the Honeysuckle cabin.

So when you check in and walk in, you can look at the wife and say:

"You know why they call it the honey suckle, right?"
Is the Polar Express at the Gaylord? Great Wolf Lodge is a stone's throw from there. GWL is my vote, let the kids run wild.

Edit- If you are doing Polar Express at the Gaylord bring warm coats, even if it's 90 outside.
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