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Who to start today in PPR league James Cook or Travis Homer (1 Viewer)

Who to start today in PPR (1 point per Reception) leage

  • James Cook vs. Jets

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  • Travis Homer, Seattle vs. Carolina

    Votes: 1 100.0%

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Hi All, was planning to start James Cook after seeing how Buffalo is using him last week. Then with the injuries to Seattle's RB corps, I picked up Travis Homer. This is a PPR Leage (1 point per reception). FBG Consensus rankings has Homer projected at 11.24, and Cook at 10.18. Sig has Homer particularly high at 13.8, while the others have Cook higher by a couple points. Thanks in advance, and link me yours and I will respond.
Both playing decent D's today. Weather in Buffalo. Seattle seems to commit more to the run. I'd give an edge to Travis.

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